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Creative StrategiesCreative Tips | F&B SEA

Creative Tips | F&B SEA

Mar 12,2024
Jonathan Lim, Creative Strategist APAC
Creative Guidance

🍽️ Quick & Easy Recipes for Success on TikTok!

These creative tips are based on observations only, and should be used to think outside the box and test a variety of creative ideas to maximise chances of success on TikTok.

F&B Creative Insights

On TikTok, there's really no single formula for success. It's more about finding your own voice - being unique and authentic is what will get you noticed and excite your audiences. That said, top creatives in the Food and Beverage industry follow certain creative patterns that we will explore in this presentation. We hope to inspire you to experiment with different creative methods to land on the strategy that's best-suited to your brand. Because on TikTok, it pays to be different!

Creative Patterns

Who: Perspectives

Explore your product from different perspectives to get creative. It can be from certain characters in your story, from the brand itself, or from the consumers. From each perspective, viewers can get an understanding of the product from a specific angle that will shed unique light on certain benefits.

Brand POV

Think about your target audience. What are the features of your product that would be most attractive to them? Call them out specifically, and if possible, draw attention to them visually.

Consumer POV

The customer POV is a powerful, unique spin on word-of-mouth advertising that builds consumer trust. Engage the right customers/creators, and allow them to tell their story with their own creative flair.

What: Content

In this Creative Pattern, the product should be the main focus. To introduce your product in a dynamic way, or to elevate your showcase, add sound, voiceover, or text to speech.


In this Creative Pattern, we focus on the product itself, showcased and explored through a variety of creative approaches, such as Q&A and unboxing.

Recipes and Demonstrations

Use themes and ask questions to create opportunities for providing solutions/suggestions to certain situations. This way, you can speak to the diverse benefits of your brand/product

Macro / Tabletop

Product showcases are a great way to move an engaged audience further through the funnel. This shows the product in detail and answers some common questions consumers may have.

Lifestyle Content

Lifestyle content focuses on the enhanced quality of life that your consumers can achieve by using your product. In this type of content, the audience is inspired to envision how the product can be incorporated into their own lives. Creating content that depicts and resonates with people's lifestyles will foster emotional connection and trust.


Lifestyle content brings your product to life through real use in specific situations, through someone who should reflect your buyer persona. This is an effective way to create an emotional connection and illustrate positive benefits beyond the product itself.

Skit/Creator Personality

Allow creators to have creative control over their expression and let their personality shine through. It’s personable, engaging, and an organic way to leverage content creators.


Be transparent and use real-life or realistic scenarios.

Where: Native TikTok Functions

As a visual platform with countless ways to approach digital storytelling through content, effects are a powerful way to enhance your videos to be even more compelling, entertaining, and visually striking - the TikTok way.


Leverage transitions to create dynamic, TikTok-first creatives. Fun transitions are an engaging and captivating way to tell a story. This video ends with a clear full-frame branded logo to stay top of mind.

Graphics and Text

Text and graphics can add an additional layer of creativity and interactivity to your video. This video ends with clear CTA encouraging viewers to try it today.


TikTok’s narrative-driven content uses various clips, scenes, and mixed media to get a message across. Use this to your advantage to tell your story in a compelling way.

Green Screen

The Green Screen effect adds a layer of interactivity and allows you to walk viewers through your brand’s app or site interface, making the consumer journey an even more cohesive experience.


Sound is powerful on TikTok, with most users expecting sound-on content. Emphasize your key message through sound. Use special audio effects and/or background music to add an extra touch of flair and excitement.

Make use of today's currently trending audio and effects, to boost your chances of appearing on the For You Page and getting noticed by more users.

Voice Over

VO is commonly used in TikTok videos, as a popular and effective way to deliver key messages. Users naturally encounter content with VOs on their FYP, which means that it's not disruptive, and they'll be more likely to engage.

Text to Speech

This approach also provides automatic text on screen. A great option if you want to make sure your key messages are front and center, and also a great accessibility feature for people with visual and reading impairments, making the video more inclusive.


If you have a product that makes a unique and soothing sound or evokes a soothing emotion, try some ASMR content. The Food & Bev industry has an advantage here, as there are many products that fit this space.

How: Creative Narratives

In this Creative Pattern, creative storytelling is used to introduce the product and illustrate its benefits. Creativity is key to establishing more natural associations with the product, and memorable ways to highlight key features.

Brand Focused

Understanding the "story" behind a brand is often what excites the TikTok community. Take this opportunity to share your brand's genuine personality and values, tell your story, and build a supportive community around it. Transparency is crucial, and revealing never-before-seen footage is a great way to be authentic.

Behind the Scenes

Founding Story

Brand Personality

Consumer Focused

This approach focuses more on the consumer or content creator. Here, we create a narrative and unique scenario to encourage product consideration.


Gift Idea


Product Focused

We tap into specific qualities about the product as our unique value propositions and provide our viewers with reasons to buy.




🥡 Creative Narratives Takeaways!

🍗 Think beyond your product. Get creative and experiment with different storytelling angles.

🍗 Test different narratives to understand what your audience resonates with most. Different narratives also fit different objectives well and including a variety of approaches will work best.

🍗 Use effective storytelling to accentuate and elevate your key message or to highlight product features and selling points.

Creative Video Scripts

Write with your audience in mind. Ask yourself these questions: How do they want to be spoken to? What resonates with them? To stand out from the clutter in a crowded industry, make sure your content clearly illustrates how your product is unique and why your target audience needs it.

Script Structure

In terms of flow, we can break the script down into three parts: the beginning, the middle, and the end. Each section serves its own unique purpose, with different content that supports the overall storyline of the video. Understanding the logic behind each section will help simplify the script-writing process and ensure its effectiveness.

Beginning - The Hook

The first 3-6 seconds of your ad are precious. Make sure the hook is related to your product in some way. This ensures a smooth transition from the initial hook to the key message that follows.

Middle - Key Messages

Ensure your key message is connected to your product in a natural way. Right after the hook, keep your message upbeat and exciting by focusing on the positive benefits of the product.

End - The CTA

End with a clear CTA to get your audience to take action. It should be easy to follow as the next step right after they watch your content.

Try it out

🥤 Creative Patterns

Experiment with the above Creative Patterns on your existing assets. Test and compare with previous videos, and you might see a lift in performance. Don't be afraid to mix and match different patterns. Think outside the box and get creative.

🌮 Creative Video Scripts

Brainstorm scripts using the suggested "Hook + Key Message + CTA" structure. Mix and match different narratives to find the right combination that works best for you!

🥟 Communities

TikTok is all about strong communities that rally around certain topics. If your product is relevant to any of these specific and niche communities, consider tapping into these groups through compelling visuals and copy that appeal to them personally.

  • #RecipeTok
  • #EasyRecipe
  • #TikTokFood
  • #Foodie
  • #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt
  • #TikTokMadeMeEatIt
  • #FoodHacks
  • #ASMRFood
  • #FoodChallenge
  • #MomTok (if relevant - share how your product improves moms' lives)
  • #MentalHealthTok (if product contains relevant functional benefits)
  • #CoffeeTok (showcase unique coffee drink ideas)
  • #GutTok (if product contains functional gut health benefits)
  • #BookTok (pair coffee/beverages with reading)
  • #SoberTok / #SoberCurious (showcase non-alcoholic beverages)
  • #BeverageGirlies

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