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Creative StrategiesGen Z TikTok at a Glance

Gen Z TikTok at a Glance

Aug 08,2022
Sariah Chen, Global Brand Strategist, TikTok For Business

As our communities have grown in both scale and diversity, TikTok has emerged as a place for everyone. Gen Z is just one of the many groups among our colorful and wide-ranging audience to have thrived on the platform. Their experience of TikTok differs, however, from other generations, having come of age against the backdrop of COVID-19 and numerous reforms to the digital landscape. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Gen Z activity on TikTok unique, and what our platform means to them.

What excites Gen Z about TikTok?

Joy and Happiness are two of the most powerful emotions. More importantly, Gen Z users have identified them as the top 2 positive feelings associated with TikTok.1 Used correctly, therefore, joyful and happy sentiments can empower brands to build positive and lasting emotional connections with Gen Z audiences on TikTok.

Gen Z have grown up expressing themselves online, and their self-expression has always been inseparable from creativity. TikTok, meanwhile, is seen by Gen Z as a platform closely associated with Creative inspiration.1 That’s why, with our diverse range of creators and communities, brands should look no further than TikTok to co-create and engage with Gen Z users.

Sharing is caring, in life and on TikTok

Shared joy creates longer lasting happiness. Gen Z TikTok users love sharing content that speaks to them, with more than half having shared a video with friends after watching.1 But sharing content is not their only shared digital experience. Taking part in video related activities with other users is also meaningful to them. It goes to show that when Gen Z TikTok users create shared content, or participate in popular trends, what they’re doing is having fun. Together.

A platform for a new generation of thinking

Gen Z users are entering the workforce, and have the purchasing power to show for it. Born into a digital world, their consumer habits are more leaned towards mobile first, and their approach to brand and product inspiration on digital platforms is different from that of older generations. Gen Z TikTok users are also more likely to discover new brands and products on the platform, and they love creating tutorial videos about their favorite finds.2

Engaging the Gen Z community on TikTok

As we’ve established, the Gen Z community on TikTok is unique. It’s also highly engaged. They expect brands to participate as active members of the community, and its clear that the brands who integrate themselves best, and build the most trust, are the ones that show up natively. That’s why it’s so important for brands to learn how to speak the language of Gen Z users on TikTok, and to understand what kind of content resonates with them best.

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