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Creative StrategiesLet’s Go Green with TikTok

Let’s Go Green with TikTok

Jul 21,2022
Lera Kleyko, Marketing Copywriter, TikTok For Business & Olivia Tan, Brand Strategist, China Outbound Business Marketing, TikTok For Business

Environmental issues remain one of the top concerns of millennials and Gen Z today, with many of them fearing that business will de-prioritize their climate change initiatives in 2022.

TikTok has become a home for users who want to improve the environmental situation in the world. On the platform they can openly talk about what excites them, find support from the community and far beyond. And brands can become part of this green movement.

Green Trends Start on TikTok

The number of views of environmental content on TikTok has increased by 6 times over the past year1.

Climate-related videos on TikTok typically revolve around three topics: sustainable lifestyle, climate awareness and waste clean-up.

Sustainable Lifestyle

What it is about:
Content where users share ways to maintain a greener lifestyle in regards to their daily routine, lifestyle and fashion — ways to reduce household waste, thrift for clothing, extend the lifecycle of pre-owned clothing, furniture, or décor.

Climate Awareness

What it is about:
Many environmentalists use the platform to educate and spread awareness of the climate crisis.

Nature & Waste Clean-up

What it is about:
Content about nature and conservation, and, in particular, about low waste, which is very popular on the platform.

TikTok Eco-Initiatives

TikTok Creative Center

Green Marketing Tips for TikTok campaigns

Tell users about environmental issues through organic content, but do it in a creative and engaging way.

Recommended formatSpark Ads/In-Feed Ads

Iberdrola – a leading force in renewable energy – created an In-Feed Ad that ran natively in the For You feed to support World Environment Day, a cultural topic close to the heart of the TikTok community. By aligning itself with World Environment Day, Iberdrola reaffirmed its commitment to looking after the planet as an energy provider, whilst demonstrating that it has its finger on the pulse. The creative cleverly shows the damaging effect of fossil fuels through the contrast of a tearful, coal-smeared woman against the positive promise of renewable energy sources. Combined with a switch of pace in the soundtrack, it made for a short yet powerful ad that evokes emotion and response, whilst delivering the key message in a punchy 15-second ad.
Kick-start branded initiatives and hashtag challenge campaign. Move from words to actions and invite users to join.

Recommended formatHashtag Challenge

HP invited TikTok users to interact and co-create through a Branded Hashtag Challenge as they make a difference in their corner of the world. HP partnered with a diverse group of creators to launch the #HPRadicalReuse Hashtag Challenge. Creators like comedian @dreaknowsbest and environment-focused @alisonsadventures showcased how they radically reuse in their everyday lives while encouraging the TikTok community to join the challenge. The videos helped demonstrate that every little bit helps, no matter how big or small. The creator-made content allowed HP to show up authentically on the platform while educating the community on sustainability and inspiring them to participate in the challenge. 
Collaborate with popular environmentalist creators or sustainability organizations.

Recommended formatCreator Partnership

Collaborate with fashion creators to share facts about sustainability in fashion. 
Market around special dates like Earth Day. Make sure you stay on theme with the right approach.

Recommended formatBranded Effect

Earth Day Effect for users to use in celebrating of the occasion, increasing engagement.

*NOTE: For detailed information about TikTok's branded content toggle and our policies regarding what can be posted as branded content on TikTok, please refer to our Branded Content Policy.

  1. TikTok Internal Data, March 2021 – March 2022
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