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Creative StrategiesRevolutionizing the runway: How TikTok is driving fashion forward

Revolutionizing the runway: How TikTok is driving fashion forward

Sep 05,2022
Noah Cortez, Global Brand Strategist, TikTok for Business

Welcome to Fashion on TikTok: where everyone not only has a front row seat on the runway, but also the opportunity to direct the show.

We're living through a pivotal moment in fashion, and much of it is happening, or at least starting, on TikTok. From the revival of the Y2K aesthetic to the emergence of "avant apocalypse", people are bringing their authentic selves to TikTok, and as a result, are driving fashion trends of all kinds. TikTok's culture—which is deeply rooted in authenticity, discovery, and community—is leading a shift that transfers influence from celebrities and legacy brands that have traditionally defined fashion to the everyday person.

From gatekeepers to the everyday creator

Traditionally, high profile celebrities and brands have driven fashion trends (and prescribed what's "in" and what's "out"). And while these players in the industry undoubtedly still do have a position of authority in this ecosystem, the way consumers currently discover, understand and are influenced by fashion trends can largely be attributed to everyday creators on our platform, thanks to TikTok's creator economy.

It's time to enter your Material Girl era

On TikTok, fashion is a vehicle of expression for our users (both in experimentation and identity) — and the community thrives on our platform because TikTok brings out our users' truest selves. TikTok's culture of authenticity fuels discovery and inspiration, allowing brands to gain traction and trends to take off.

One way this authenticity manifests is by—quite literally—showing personal style. From sorority girl hopefuls to the average joe getting ready to go grocery shopping, the fit-check phenomenon has taken TikTok by storm. Users of this low-lift content format share their style by calling out different pieces of their outfit as well as the brand, which opens the door for new brands to be discovered. Best of all is that the fit-check is universal: whether your drip is comprised of luxury brands or the items you scored from the local thrift store, all fits are welcome.

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The power of community

The fashion space on TikTok is not a monolith. From sports to sustainability and beyond, fashion organically shows up in all types of communities. TikTok's culture of community points toward a broader theme of inclusivity—no matter how niche your fashion tastes or senses of style are, there's a community on TikTok for you. Trends that materialize on TikTok from even the most niche subcultures go on to drive the mainstream.

But don't take our word for it. Look below for a quick starting point you can use to find your fashion community on TikTok and dive deeper into the subcultures that exist within:

A new commerce experience

While TikTok cultivates and accelerates fashion trends, we also drive conversion in sales. TikTok leads at every stage of the retail journey, and we're able to catch consumers at any point in the consumer experience.

From product discovery to post purchase, our content brings real-life commerce experiences as users discover products from the brands and Creators they trust—putting the power back into users’ hands to shop in the ways that suit them.

How brands can take part of the future of fashion

Empower your existing communities to show their style

Explore (and participate in) unique fashion communities on TikTok

Experiment with creators to connect your brand and our users.

*NOTE: For detailed information about TikTok's branded content toggle and our policies regarding what can be posted as branded content on TikTok, please refer to our Branded Content Policy.

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