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Creative StrategiesMake Back-to-School Cool on TikTok

Make Back-to-School Cool on TikTok

Jun 13,2022
Emily Holler, Global Brand Strategist, TikTok For Business

Summer’s only just begun, but we’re already kicking into gear and preparing for back-to-school content on TikTok. With our audience creating, consuming, and engaging more every day, the platform can expect to see an influx of school supplies and clothing hauls from students and parents alike, tips from teachers on preparing for the new school year, and hilarious content coming straight from the hallways—and there are endless opportunities for brands to join in on the playground fun. So sharpen those pencils and open up your textbooks to learn more about how to earn brag-worthy marks when launching your brand’s back-to-school campaign on TikTok.

On TikTok,

Everyone is in Attendance

Over July through September of 2021, weekly views for #BackToSchool skyrocketed by 32x—from 18.3M in July to 594M in September1. This massive jump in viewership can be attributed to TikTok’s diverse audience of Gen-Z students, edu-Creators, and parents of children in grade school.

Class is in Session,

and the Topic is Gen-Z Shopping

For students, getting back in the classroom means one thing: an excuse to go shopping. From fresh new fits, to supplies that pass the vibe check, to the essentials for the perfect packed lunch—our Gen-Z users create their #BackToSchoolHauls by tuning into what’s trending on TikTok.

Teacher’s Pet Energy

With communities like #TeachersOfTikTok—which has amassed over 26.6B views—on the rise, educators get to be the main character of the classroom. From fresh-out-of-college teachers just starting out, to seasoned and beloved veterans of the profession, #TeacherTok is where educators show off their passion for teaching with a creative twist, while providing expert #teachingtips and tricks.

The Group Project? TikTok.

Part of the fun of making an original TikTok is getting friends to join in! And this is especially true for our Gen-Z users, with 47% of those creating original content on TikTok doing so with someone else2. Between classes, during lunch, and after that final bell rings, Gen-Z users on TikTok are pulling the squad together to dance, participate in trends, and create on TikTok.

The TikTok Study Guide

When it comes to creating back-to-school content for TikTok, we have a few A+ study tips that will take your brand above-and-beyond. Follow these pointers, add your own creative flair, and you’ll be top-of-TikTok-class in no time.

TikTok Creative Center
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