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Creative StrategiesStorytelling in the Next Creative Renaissance

Storytelling in the Next Creative Renaissance

Aug 31,2023
TikTok x TBWA. Jonathan Lim, Creative Strategist APAC. Jasmine Tan, Creative Lead APAC
Creative Guidance

View Japanese version:新しいクリエイティブ・ルネッサンス時代におけるストーリーテリング

A brand's biggest creative efforts shouldn't be saved for key moments, but allowed to flourish every day. In this report, TikTok partners with global advertising agency TBWA to explore how brands can harness the power of creativity for their business, and the central role that technology plays in helping us tell meaningful, diverse stories that relate to a new generation of consumers. Explore how this leads us into the next creative renaissance, where the best minds in our industry will be freed by technology to do what they really love: create.

Download & read the original full-length report here: Storytelling in the Next Creative Renaissance

What Is The Next Creative Renaissance?

The original Creative Renaissance heralded the 15th Century rebirth of art and science. Now, we're embracing the next Creative Renaissance, where emerging technology can magnify the human ingenuity of great ideas, advancing creative teams and marketers into a new era of storytelling mastery.

"We need new masters in terms of storytelling, new Da Vincis and new Boticellis, who can tell stories and train artisans," says CJ de Silva-Ong, Executive Creative Director, TBWA\Juice Philippines. But these modern storytellers won't be limited to the singular art style of the previous Renaissance. Instead, technology will bring about diversity. "With TikTok, a lot more marginalised groups have their own platform." In fact, digital video overtook traditional TV this year, signalling a shift away from monoculture. And unlike the shiny, filtered ‘grams of the past’, today's viewers are also creators, making content that's rough and ready, and highly tailored to specific subcultures.

For brands, catching up is about progress over perfection. Marketers needn't worry about laboring over perfect, high production-value creatives. By investing and innovating on subculture-centric platforms like TikTok, they can achieve strong ROI while standing out.

Marketers are striving to do more with less in an uncertain economic environment, and an obvious reflex is to scale back budgets on creative ideas. But decades of research demonstrate that brands that disrupt in a downturn are rewarded with possibility. To be truly impactful today, boldness is needed.

Today's Hero: Creative Technology

Often, marketers and creative teams are stretched too thin, rushing to generate a constant flow of new creative assets. In this new era, we should look to streamline our production process to make time for true creativity. TikTok’s new Recut, Remix, Reimagine framework includes a suite of solutions designed to ramp up and diversify creative output.

A huge portion of the content we consume everyday is a remixed version of something else that existed before. With the right tools, brands are able to customise messages and remix content that's enriching to specific audiences and subcultures – hyper-relevant content that people want to engage with, play with, and take ownership over. This type of creativity is batted back and forth, evolving as it goes, like a video duetted a million times on TikTok.

Get Creative on TikTok with Recut, Remix, Reimagine

Go vertical, be native, and harness the power of tech. Here’s how to create for TikTok:


Existing creative
assets for TikTok


Your creative ideas with
more creative elements


Your creative approach with
the power of TikTok.

To know more, download the Recut, Remix, Reimagine one-pager here.

Taking Creativity Up a Notch

Trends now start online, before transforming into cultural movements. Even audio memes can become a major trend these days, morphing into something new with every reuse. Most often, these trends gain traction in micro-cultures, which are now easily accessible thanks to modern digital technologies. This gives brands an unprecedented opportunity to show off their personality, if they can contribute meaningfully to these communities. So, get creative! Recut, Remix, and Reimagine,
to turn your creative assets into something more.

As the potential of mid-funnel marketing continues to reveal itself, marketers are searching for the best ways to access the engagement and consideration in these micro-cultures. TikTok often tops the list, as the platform naturally showcases products while eliciting delightful and joyful discoveries.

The Next Creative Renaissance beckons. Are you in?

Discover how smart tools and technology can accelerate your creative journey and deliver impact.
Download the TikTok and TBWA report Storytelling in the Next Creative Renaissance today.

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