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Creative StrategiesCreative Tips | Travel SEA

Creative Tips | Travel SEA

Jun 14,2023
Jonathan Lim, Creative Strategist APAC
Creative Guidance

How to create The Trip Before the Trip on TikTok

On TikTok, travel is experienced from a variety of perspectives, sparking wanderlust and inspiration that feels attainable. Great results come from entertaining and fun travel content. In fact, 50% of TikTok travel audiences will take action within a week of seeing TikTok travel content. (Source: Internal TikTok Data, 2022)

How do you create great travel TikToks for travel-crazy users in Southeast Asia – where a million experiences await at our doorstep? Let us show you how.

These creative tips are based on observations from our team, and are not rules that must be followed. Our goal is to encourage advertisers to think outside the box and test a variety of creative ideas to maximize their chances for success!

A Great Travel TikTok: Master the Hook, Middle and End.

Beginning - The Hook

The first 3-6 seconds of your ad are precious. Make sure the hook is related to your product in some way. This ensures a smooth transition from the initial hook to the key message that follows.

Middle - Key Messages

Ensure your key message is connected to your product in a natural way. Right after the hook, keep your message upbeat and exciting by focusing on the positive benefits of the product.

End - The CTA

End with a clear CTA to get your audience to take action. It should be easy to follow as the next step right after they watch your content.

Hook: Excite in the first 3-6 seconds

A good hook positively impacts these performance metrics:

⚡ Click through rate (CTR)

⚡ 3s / 6s view through rate (VTR)

Hook 1: Excite people by tapping into their passions

Feature an exciting activity

Tease a food experience

Showcase the magic of art and culture

Hook 2: Make a captivating statement to encourage action

Open with a trending VO like "You say money can't buy happiness?..."

Create longing with openings like "3 reasons to book your next trip..."

Hook 3: Listicles inspire travel plans

Use numbered listicles to introduce multiple attractions in one video!

Tap into diverse inspiration to maximise appeal

More thoughtstarters:

Who is your target audience and what do they care about?

What would intrigue them and grab their attention enough to make them want to learn more about your product / service?

How can you build a sense of anticipation and engagement that encourages audiences to keep watching, rather than skipping your video?

Key Message: Make it compelling

A clear Key Message positively impacts these performance metrics:

⚡ Click through rate (CTR)

⚡ Conversion rate (CVR)

⚡ Engagement rate (like, share, comment)

Key Message 1: Focus on Benefits

Most top-performing creatives in the travel industry combine multiple selling points as opposed to focusing on only one. This boosts the chances of click-through, since users feel a stronger desire that this trip is sure to be worthwhile.

Showcase visual imagery: Go all out on appealing destination visuals

Showcase exciting activities: Reveal hidden gems, discoveries, and city adventures

Showcase platform benefits: Share special deals, app promo hacks and reviews

Key Message 2: Focus on Community

Community key messages in your videos focus on the people and community. Let your services shine through the people in your video. Show who they are, who they want to travel with, how the journey will benefit them, and their experiences.

Emphasize Motivations: Uncover emotional reasons to have a trip – like reunions, education, and self-discovery.

Emphasize Companionship: Invite users to travel with family, friends, lovers, even strangers!

Emphasize Inclusiveness: Show inclusion of LGBT, kids, pets, etc.

Key message 3: Focus on Brand

Allow your brand's personality and voice shine through and tell your story authentically. Communicate brand-related information to let users in on who you really are, deepening their interest and connection to your brand.

Brand Message

Dance from Staff

Theme song

CTA: Keep it clear and concise

An effecctive CTA will positively impacts these performance metrics:

⚡ Click through rate (CTR)

⚡ Conversion rate (CVR)

CTA + Motivation

CTA + Price Comparison

CTA + Product Benefits

More thoughtstarters:

⚡ Make full use of the last few seconds of the video -- end with a bang and carry the momentum onto your next desired step. Ensure that the CTA is clear and easy to follow.

⚡ The CTA should appear at a time when the audience has been convinced by your selling points. While the CTA is commonly placed at the end, it can also appear elsewhere. Sometimes, putting it at the beginning or in the middle can help trigger more conversions.

TikTok Tools: Supercharge your content

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