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Creative StrategiesSuccess Story | Retail Client In South Africa

Success Story | Retail Client In South Africa

Aug 31,2023
Elie Nasr, Raya Tannous, Ozgen Huseyin Dundar, Creative Performance Manager
Creative Effectiveness

Retail Client In South Africa - Unboxing For Retail

The Objective

A retail client in South Africa wanted to understand which types of TikTok-native content and trends would have the most impact on driving installs of their online shopping app. They partnered with TikTok to launch an experimental campaign that focused primarily on the Cost per Install metric, and on View-Through Rate secondarily.

The Solution

Leveraging TikTok trends is key to unlocking success on TikTok, however, many clients need a helping hand picking out the right trends and turning them into resonating ad creative. The Creative Performance Managers team helped out by designing a controlled experiment for this client and suggesting different variations of their existing creative. On top of the generic existing creative, the team helped the client produce the below creatives that followed three different TikTok-native trends:

  1. Using a Capcut template
  2. Shopping-related trend
  3. Unboxing trend

The Results

The video that leveraged the shopping-related TikTok trend achieved a 12% lower Cost per Install, as well as a 1.5x higher video completion rate, compared to the control creative. The highest performing creative in this experiment, however, was the one that used the Unboxing trend. This video achieved a 42% lower Cost per Install, and a 59% higher VTR than the control creative. This experiment greatly helped the client understand which trends to go for and how to better captivate their audiences.



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