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Creative StrategiesSuccess Story | Takaful

Success Story | Takaful

Aug 31,2023
Elie Nasr, Raya Tannous, Ozgen Huseyin Dundar, Creative Performance Manager
Creative Effectiveness

Takaful - Skits for Lead Generation

The Objective

Takaful is an insurance service company based in Saudi Arabia. In order to grow their footprint, they wanted to focus on lead generation in their marketing activities. To achieve this efficiently, they wanted to produce TikTok ads to add variety to their creative portfolio and lower their cost per lead.

The Solution

Takaful worked with TikTok's Creative Performance Managers team, who recommended a few different types of TikTok-native creative approaches. The new suggested creatives used TikTok-native features like Creator + Split-screen, Capcut trends, and Skits. The TikTok Creative Performance Managers team worked with the TikTok Creative Exchange (TTCX) partners to produce the creatives according to the experiment set-up. In the experiment, they focused on Cost per Lead as the primary KPI, and Click-Through Rate as the secondary metric.

The Results

All of the recommended creative versions from the TikTok Creative Performance Managers team saw better performence in terms of Cost per Lead, the primary KPI. The Split-screen creative achieved 34% lower Cost per Lead, while the Capcut template was 1.9x more cost-efficient. The highest-performing creative was the one that leveraged a Skit approach, which is a very popular content type on TikTok. The Skit creative lowered the Cost per Lead by 3.1x, while boosting the Click-through rate by 2.7x. Leaning into these learnings, the client continued to use the winning creative in their always-on activity, and saw a 12% uplift in their conversion rate compared to the pre-experiment period. It's safe to say this experiment was extremely valuable to their future marketing efforts!



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