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Content HubWhat's Next: Gaming Trend Report

What's Next: Gaming Trend Report

Jul 13,2023
Global Trends Team
General Trends

Welcome to the latest edition of our What's Next Trend Report! With over 3T views of gaming-related content in 2022 alone1, TikTok is the global destination for gaming culture. In this report, we unpack how gaming culture is evolving on our platform and explore what that means for brands that want to resonate with our diverse community of gamers.

The Trend Forces reshaping gaming culture on TikTok

Our report focuses on how gaming represents the future of entertainment based on the three main themes we outlined in our original What's Next 2023 Trend Report. Gaming culture on TikTok is captivating audiences by directly addressing key user expectations for Actionable Entertainment, Making Space for Joy, and Community-Built Ideals. Each of these Trend Forces has significant implications for how gaming publishers and non-gaming brands interested in engaging the community should show up on the platform to entertain gamers and inspire action.

We partnered with TikTok creator and cozy gaming enthusiast Kennedy Rose (@cozy.games) to get her perspective on the key takeaways from the What's Next: Gaming Trend Report.

What else is in the report?

The report dives into our broader Trend Forces in more detail, outlining:

  • Trend examples that showcase emerging user behaviors and values in the gaming community
  • Global research on key expectations and attitudes among TikTok users
  • Product solutions and creative thought starters to help marketers plan their next gaming-related TikTok video
  • For more information about gaming on TikTok, check out our dedicated site HERE.

    View the Chinese Report/中文版请查阅: What's Next 2023 全球游戏趋势报告

    View the Japanese Report/日本語レポートを読む: What's Next:ゲームのトレンドレポート

    Source 1: TikTok Internal Data, Global, Jan-Dec 2022
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