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Creative Expert Courses

Content that strives to understand the bigger picture and help you learn what makes Tiktok, well, tick.

Caters to all skill levels - whether you're a beginner or an experienced pro, this program is for you.
Curriculum created by TikTok's own Creative Expert team using data-backed insights and in-depth knowledge from the platform.
From tips on finding creative inspiration, to production best practices and tools for campaign analysis, you’ll learn all things related to creating for TikTok.
Develop useful knowledge of TikTok creatives upon course completion.
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Discover creative tips for your next campaign

Fundamental Level
Module 1: Basics
  • Ads Manager
  • Ad Policy + Products
  • Creative Codes
Module 2: Ideation
  • Brief Writing
  • Creative Center
  • Audience Insights Part I
  • Audience Insights Part II
Module 3: Production
  • Writing Ad Scripts
  • The Golden Formula
  • Tactical Tips
  • Production Tools
  • CapCut Demo
Module 4: Evaluation
  • Creative Analysis
  • Creator Partnerships
  • Campaign Optimization
Intermediate Level, Advanced Level
Coming soon...
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