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Creative StrategiesCreative Tips | Fashion Apparel

Creative Tips | Fashion Apparel

Nov 30,2022
Lucia Huang, Global Creative Expert, TikTok For Business & Michelle Lim, Global Product Marketing Strategist, TikTok For Business
Creative Guidance

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If you're here for the first time, welcome!

This playbook is designed to inspire and guide advertisers who want to Create for TikTok, and includes some key observations from our Creative Expert team.

To clarify, these are observations that the team has noticed, and are not rules that must be followed. We're not trying to box you in and impose a formula for how to succeed - quite the opposite!

This playbook is structured in 5 PARTS

01 The Basics: 4 Essential Guidelines

02 The Next Level: Creative Quantity & Diversity

03 Observations for Creative Success

04 Creative Video Scripts

05 Try It Out !

The Basics

Before you get started it’s important to know the basics. Below are some fundamental guidelines when creating ads for TikTok. By familiarising yourself with these guidelines, your chances of improved average ad performance will increase significantly.

Ready to get started? Great! Let's begin.

The Essentials

We have noticed that when performance advertisers adhere to these essential practices, performance and ROI of ad spend significantly increase.

The next level

Through our observations, we have concluded that with a larger quantity of videos and a diverse pool of creatives, advertisers have an increased chance of better performance.


Creative Quantity

A high number of creative assets allows for better optimization of asset selection. We recommend spreading your creatives throughout multiple ad groups, while maintaining 3-5 creatives per group. This enables you to utilize each creative, allowing the system to learn what works best for you.

Creative Diversity

Refreshing and uploading new assets to your campaign will increase your chance of finding a winner!

Observations for creative success

On TikTok, there's really no single formula for success. It's actually more about finding your own voice - being unique and different is what will get you noticed and excite your audiences.

We understand that "being unique" is easier said than done, and may be intimidating if you're new to content creation on the platform. That's where our Creative Expert team can step in to help. Upon reviewing the top-performing creatives that targeted the United States within the fashion industry, they've identified a few key observations. The best creatives often follow a certain pattern around the way the story is told - some similar components that make up a compelling storytelling flow. We call these Creative Patterns.

By familiarizing yourself with these Creative Patterns, we hope you will be inspired to experiment and try out different creative methods across the 2 groups, to land on the strategy that's best-suited to you. Because on TikTok, it pays to be different.

Graphic & Text

Emphasize your key message by displaying it visually on top of a single image or a mix of multiple images. Use special effects and/or background music to add an extra touch of flair and excitement.

High-density product image rotation, that follows a well-structured video plot.

· The Hook: Highlight pricing & promotion information in the first 3 seconds.

· Key Message: Showcase a wide variety of SKUs through a variety of product images.

· The End: CTA + the brand logo

💡Think about it

This Creative Pattern is widely used by direct-to-consumer brands. If you're in the early stages of creating a present on TikTok, however, we do not recommend using this pattern yet. Instead, it's more worthwhile to initially focus on consistently delivering your unique selling point, and building up a loyal community.

  • Make use of the audio and effects that are currently trending, to boost your chances of appearing on the For You Page and getting noticed by more users.

  • Brands that have a large volume of different products should consider using this Creative Pattern. Based on our observations, this is an effective tactic when you have a lot to show.

  • Leverage a banner or stickers to highlight key information and draw attention to your creative. Check out the "Special Effects" creative pattern for more inspiration!

Product Showcase

In this Creative Pattern, the product should be the focus. Add background music, voiceover or text to speech to introduce your product in a dynamic way, or to add excitement around it.

Single product

· The Hook: Appeal to your target audience group within the first 3-6 seconds.

· Key Message: Introduce the product and call out its selling points & design details.

· The End: CTA + The Brand Logo

Multiple products

· The Hook: Present the theme of the content within the first 3-6 seconds so people know what to expect.

· Key Message: Showcasing a variety of items & design details.

· The End: CTA

Unboxing/Opening packages

· The Hook/Key Message: Take viewers through the exciting process of unboxing a package, while showcasing the products and how they look.

· Takeaway: Brand logo + CTA button

💡Think about it

Think about your target audience. What are the features of your product that would be most attractive to them? Zoom in or add effects around these features to direct your audience's attention and ensure that they notice!

  • In this Creative Pattern, leverage models to show how your product looks on a person, add depth to your creative, and highlight key details of the product.

  • Think of different ways to showcase your product. Try a 3rd person perspective along with the text-to-speech feature to introduce your product.

  • Use themes to provide solutions/suggestions for particular situations to highlight all the diverse options that your brand provides.

Community Engagement

This Creative Pattern focuses on the Creator and empowers them to share their experiences with the product. Creators generally introduce the product by sharing their real-time commentary, or showing what the item looks like when it's on.

Product comparisons

· The Hook/Key Message: Highlight the product benefits by talking through real-life scenarios. Can also compare to other products.

· Takeaway: Talk about how the product outperforms competitors by mentioning key details and characteristics.

Solve a problem

· The Hook: Highlight a pain point/challenge in the first 3-6 seconds.

· Key Message: Present the solution by showcasing the product, and adding a personal story to build trust.

· Takeaway: Add a clear CTA in the video description.

Tap into communities

· The Hook: Appeal to a specific TikTok community.

· Key Message: Align the products you're showcasing with key characteristics of your audience.

· Takeaway: Associate your products and story with the key characteristics of your chosen community!


· The Hook: Draw users in and build credibility by mentioning how credible sources describe the products or how the products are associated with something big. This helps brands take advantage of the established trust between the audience and credible sources.

· Key Message: Highlighting product features & benefits.

· Takeaway: Win trust and credibility by referencing well-known, highly-regarded agencies and sources.

Step by step guides

· The Hook: Spotlight promotional information.

· Key Message: Walk the audience through a step by step guide of how they can also take advantage of the key benefit.

· Takeaway: Guide the audience through the purchase journey while giving an insider tip.


· Key Message: Establish credibility and spark interest in a great product by having different voices chime in on what they love about the product.

· Takeaway: Spotlighting multiple perspectives shows that more than one person would strongly vouch for the brand. Seeing the product in action in specific settings also reinforces how/when the product should be used.

💡Think about it

Creators add depth to any video, bringing a valuable layer of excitement, emotion, and personality. This Creative Pattern also allows the product to be introduced in a natural environment, showing how it can and should be used.

  • Are the main features of the product obvious? If not, have a Creator help add context and showcase how it can be used.

  • Is there an uncommon use case for this product? Leverage this Creative Pattern to give the audience some fresh ideas of unconventional ways to style or use your product!

  • Try overlaying text to call attention and add emphasis to the hook.

  • Think about how you'd like your audience to feel. Is it urgency around a limited-time offer? Use the right words to instill these emotions (ie. Limited edition, hurry, offer ends now etc.).

Try it on

This Creative Pattern consists of a string of different videos pieced together to either showcase different products, or a single product in different settings. This is a dynamic way to spin through quick product intros, insights, or tips in a fun, engaging way. This kind of storytelling allows the Creator to speak to their audiences directly, while showcasing the product(s) in a dynamic, comprehensive way.

Style an item

· The Hook: Introduce the product and the fashion concept.

· Key Message: Rotate through a variety of ways to style your product.

· Takeaway: Showcase diversity to inspire potential buyers to envision themselves using your product in different settings. End with a CTA to encourage them to take action.

Create a lookbook

· The Hook/Key Message: Use eye-catching transitions to illustrate how your product can be styled and used across a variety of looks.

· Takeaway: By associating "looks" to each occasion, brands are able to create a story in a quick and relatable way, offering inspiration to potential buyers.

User guides

· Key Message: Cultivate interest by showing a collection of different Creators using or wearing your product. Use effects and transitions to highlight key selling points, along with brand and campaign information.

· Takeaway: Build trust and value by having multiple creators vouch for your product.

Product versatility

· The Hook: Introduce a topic to spark curiosity.

· Key Message: The product is versatile and has many different uses.

· Takeaway: Don't be afraid to tie humor into your creative. This adds a layer of entertainment and sparks curiosity in your audience, making your key product selling points more memorable.

Before vs. After

· Key Message: Use comparison videos to emphasize the key selling points of your product.

· Takeaway: Instill desire for your product by using the before & after framework, or by comparing it against competitors.

Virtual vs. Real

· Key Message: By showcasing what the product looks like IRL, brands are humanizing their products and allowing viewers to envision themselves wearing it. The digital image makes it recognizable on online e-commerce sites.

· Takeaway: Quick transitions and short captions are a great way to show that your product comes in different shapes, sizes, or colors.

💡Think about it

Think about the goal of your creative. Are you trying to build awareness? Or looking to drive conversions? Once you've identified your main objective, then you'll be a good place to uncover creative ways to make it happen.

  • Tap into communities and Creators to build trust and awareness. Add clearly-defined CTAs to drive traffic to your store.

  • Think of what you'd like your audience to feel. What are some ways in which you could make them feel like a part of your community? Making your audience feel like they belong will result in stronger relationships.

Creative Storytelling

In this Creative Pattern, creative storytelling is used to introduce the product and illustrate its benefits. Creativity is key to creating more natural associations with the product, and memorable ways to highlight key features.


Understanding the true "story" behind a brand is often what excites the TikTok community. Take this opportunity to share your brand's genuine personality and values, tell your story, and build a supportive community around it. Transparency is key, and showing never-before-seen footage is a great way to be authentic.

Be Transparent

Tell your story

On its way!


Advertisers can leverage creators to act out skits that are related to products. Tap into TikTok's wide range of expert creators across various communities to highlight your brand. Their unique self-expression in different skits/scenarios will add a unique twist that's memorable to your audience, and attract more people to your brand.

Single character

Multiple characters


Think outside the box! Anything goes. Use creative techniques and different perspectives to share your story with your audience. Base your video around a specific topic that can serve as a natural way to deliver your key message - even if it's an unexpected topic or angle.





Brand voice and ethos

💡Think about it

Think beyond your product. Get creative and experiment with different storytelling angles.

  • Explore what competitors are doing to stay on top of the curve and see if you can find your own angle.

  • Don't be afraid to take inspiration from Creators and test out innovative ways to get your point across.

  • Use effective storytelling to accentuate and elevate your key message or to highlight product features and selling points.

Special Effects

Use various visual and audio effects to level-up the excitement in your creative.


· Key Message: This creative uses transitions to give its audience dressing-up ideas.

· Takeaway: Fun transitions are an engaging and captivating way to tell a story.


· The Hook: A clear, captivating, and relatable theme is introduced immediately.

· Key Message: Stickers are used to create a more interactive and visual way of showcasing each item.

· Takeaway: Stickers can be used to add an additional layer of creativity and interactivity to your video.


· The Hook/Key Message: Animation is used to level-up the fun in this creative, adding a "wow" factor.

· Takeaway: Animated effects can be used to accentuate your key message. Animations should blend in with your theme to create a more powerful effect.

Text freeze

· The Hook: An engaging "prompt" / statement is communicated right away to spark curiosity in the audience.

· Key Message/Takeaway: Text is used to emphasize the selling points of the product and drive memorability.

Holiday Specials

· The Hook: Set the theme to be clearly in line with an upcoming holiday.

· Key Message/Takeaway: Themed stickers and text are used to present campaign information throughout the video. It can also be used to add effects around the holiday.

Re-purpose existing assets

· Key Message: This creative follows a consistent theme throughout the video for consistency and memorability.

· Takeaway: If you have pre-existing assets that are not optimized for TikTok's full-screen experience, think of using additional creative elements such as banners to fill in the space, while communicating your key message.

💡Think about it

Visual and audio effects are an effective, low-cost alternative to creating assets. They can be used in a variety of ways to add a layer of creativity to any video.

  • Explore existing asset libraries for inspiration. You might find a sticker or an effect that could be used as an anchor for your creative.

  • Have you seen a video on your For You page that uses a effect in a innovative way? Don't be afraid to use videos you've seen from TikTok creators as inspiration!

  • Think of ways you could incorporate exciting visual and audio effects to take your creative concept to the next level.

Trending audio TikTok tracks

Use the Commercial Music Library to tap into audio tracks that are trending on TikTok. Capture the attention of your audience and provide them with the best possible TikTok experience by making the most of what's already hot and top of mind.

Trending TikTok Tracks

· The Hook/Key Message: Using a trending track helps get your video on the For You pages of your target audiences.

· Takeaway: Search for trending tracks on Tiktok through the Commercial Music Library. Select the right trends by searching for the top audio tracks within your industry.


· The Hook/Key Message A trending audio track is used to emphasize the key message of this video.

· Takeaway: Use tracks that correspond with your intended key message.

To the Beat

· The Hook/Key Message Utilize tracks and effects to add creative flair to your video. Show a lookbook in a creative way that captivates your audiences.

· Takeaway: Listen closely to your track and see how you can incorporate its rhythm to emphasize your product or main message.

💡Think about it

When trending tracks are used in your content, people can discover your video through sound. Leverage trending tracks to facilitate discoverability and to boost your chances of getting noticed.

  • Spend some time getting to know which tracks are currently hit and trending. Make the most of them as quickly as possible!

  • Get creative with which tracks work best with your brand and the key message you're trying to convey.

Creative Video Scripts

Writing your video script might seem intimidating at first. Where to start? So many possibilities!

Don't worry, we're here to provide you with a few creative examples that should serve as thoughtstarters to get you going.

As you write your video script, always remember to write with your audience in mind. Ask yourself these questions: How do they want to be spoken to? What resonates with them? For apparel advertisers, make sure to keep it engaging and fun -- infusing the right humor, tone, and inflection accordingly.

Script Structure

In terms of flow, we can break down script into three parts: the beginning, the middle, and the end. Each section should have its own unique purpose and content that supports the overall video. Understanding the logic behind each section will help simplify the script-writing process.


The hook:

The first 3-6 seconds of your ad are precious. Make the most of this window of time by captivating your audience with a powerful, attention-grabbing hook that draws them in to keep watching. Make sure the hook is related to your key message in some way. This will ensure a smooth transition from the initial hook to the key message that follows.


The key messages:

Right after the hook, it's time to deliver your key message to your target audience in a clear, concise, and memorable way. It's also important that your key message is connected to your product in a natural and cohesive way. This will help build trust in your brand. Keep your message upbeat and exciting by focusing on the positives of the product.


The CTA:

End with a simple and straightforward CTA to continue the momentum and get your audience to take action. It should be easy enough to follow as a next step right after they watch your content.

Creative Tips for Script-writing


Reply to a commonly asked question

  • Where is your outfit from?

  • What are the best jeans you've ever tried on?

  • Need to find the most comfortable bra!

  • You guys have kept asking me about...

Hacks/Tips to pain points

  • Highlight the problem/pain point and suggest a solution.

  • I know I am not alone when I say [...] is such a struggle.

  • Stop overpaying for [...] !

  • Say no to unflattering pants!

Highlight the price/promotion info to attract attention

  • Provide Price Info:
a. All Tops only 10 dollars.
b. 2 for X dollars just got better?

  • Provide Disconut Info:
a. We are having a crazy deal right now where everything is X percent off.
b. Shop today to get X% off.
c. Today only! They are on sale for the upcoming autumn and winter season!
d. I just found the craziest deal on the X website!

  • Provide Gift/Gift Code:
a. Free gift, giveaway, buy one get one free
b. Special redeem code which can be used for purchase. Plus, get a discounted or free gift with purchase.

Highlight the target audience group

  • I'm a size small/medium/large.

  • I found the most perfect dress for plus size girls!

  • Get ready for fall with me.

  • I have an [event] I need an outfit for...help me choose!

Unboxing/Comparisons/Question prompts

  • Unboxing
a. I just received this package from [...] and let's do a try-on haul!

  • Make Comparisons
a. What I ordered and what I got.

  • Audience interaction
a. Which color looks better?
b. Why [audience characteristic] are switching to...?
c. Why is [product] breaking the internet/trending?
d. Did you know...?
e. How to get the perfect...?
f. Help me choose my outfit!


Question prompts

Question prompts

Listicles/Lists to inspire

  • X reasons to get a specific product.

  • Let me tell you why I love X product.

  • X products for the perfect fall wardrobe.

  • These leggings are a must-have becuase...

  • I have to share this with you guys...

  • I want to keep this as a secret so bad but I had to share this with you guys...

  • Trust me, this will change your life!

Showcase positive reviews, testimonials, and demand

  • We have already broken our sales record, because...

  • According to the internet, we are always sold out!

  • Check out our best sellers on TikTok!

  • I love this because...

  • I'd recommend this product because...

Showcase product features

  • Look how stretchy the material is!

  • Super comfy, great for X occasion.

  • Look at this flattering cut.

  • Look at these design details.

Key Messages

Product Information/Selling Point

  • Visual features (Color + result)
    • [Product feature] is one of the first things people notice about this piece!
    • [This product] replaced my entire collection!
    • This [brand] [item] is unlike any other because....
    • I've been hearing about [product] everywhere, so I had to try it out myself!
    • I'm so happy I got [product]. Look at all the [key selling point/variety] it comes in.
  • Texture+Result
    • This [product] is [result], it's crazy how [selling point]
    • The quality of these [products] is top tier and the [key selling point] is unmatched. Not to mention the material is made with [brand key selling point].
    • These are my old pair of [product]. They are [disadvantage] compared to [product]. They are also so unbelievably [selling point].
    • I feel like these are just [result], I feel [emotion] when I put them on
  • Product Design + Benefits
    • This [product] is/has [key selling point], I feel [emotion] when I put it on
    • The [key selling point] will [result]
    • [Common dilemma], this [product] has them! When I'm [scenario], it allows me to [solution to common dilemma]
    • The [product design] is made of/includes [product design feature] and [benefit of product]
  • Experiences
    • Gym. Hike. Swim. Happy Hour. Relax. Finally, one [product] for every activity!
    • They're built for any activity!
    • I wear them when I'm [scenario] all the time because they are [key selling point].

Social Proof

  • Reviews/positive endorsements
    • This is my everyday [product].
    • The [product] I wear every single night to [scenario].
    • Everyone around me that wears [product] always says they have never felt more [emotion].
  • Personal stories
    • Listen up! I ordered [product] this week. I'm telling you, I could wear these all day long.
    • When I saw these, I immediately needed to test them out for myself. I do [target audience profession] for a living and they make me feel [emotion]. The [key feature creates result]
  • Trending product
    • When I was doing some research online, I saw thousands of five-star reviews claiming this [product] was the best. They were definitely right!

Promotional Info

  • Promotional Information
    • These [product] are selling out so fast at 80% percent off. Try to get a pair if you can!
    • Oh you thought I was done? These [products] are 80% off if you sign up to be a VIP member today!
    • [Product] is so [key selling point], I'm not surprised they keep selling out. Go get yourself one now while they're still in stock!

Unique Service

  • Highlight services
    • Free shipping, no delivery fee
    • Home delivery right to your door
    • After-sale guarantee: the platform provides after-sale services. Eg: easy returns within 7 days, free replacement if you receive a faulty product.
    • Buy now, pay later
    • Cash On Delivery option available


Call to Action

  • Shop now!

  • Get yours now!

  • Run! Don't walk to XX.com!

  • Click the button below and order now!

  • You have to check this out for yourself!

Solution + CTA

  • If you're a [audience characteristic], go get you some fresh clean threads!

  • Don't know what to get your [audience] for her birthday? Choose one from this website!

  • Let me provide you with a way to pick out the right [product] for [scenario].

  • Click on the link below to access the store and save money on your clothes!

  • Don't worry about [problem]. Find [something for your needs] at our store. Click the link below to discover now!

Clear guidance + CTA

  • Hit the link below to learn more👇!

  • Follow this link to apply for a voucher and place an order!

  • Where can you get your [product]? Get yours on XX.com, it's 50% off today!

  • Looking for a similar [product]? Click the link below and enter code 2200 for an additional XX% off!

  • Click the link for a chance to win [promotional info] and a coupon that can be used without a limit.

Promotion + CTA

  • 20% off now.

  • We're doing 20% off today!

  • Hurry up, discounts end tonight!

  • 40% off, save money to make life better!

  • Yes. I recommend this product. 50% off!

Product efficacy + CTA

  • Discover the resilience that made us famous.

  • This is how I improved my [result], it makes me feel [emotion]! Link below to where I got mine!

  • They are [key benefit] and give you [result]. Be sure to check at XX.com!

  • These [product] are so [result]. I never take them off. Get yours now!

  • Get yourself a pair of [product] to wear at the [sccenario]!

High sales volume + CTA

  • 4 Million Pairs sold + Shop Now

  • In the last five years, our brand's sales of women's [product] broke industry records. Check out why now!

  • We're almost sold out, only 10 left. Click on the link below to snatch up our remaining few!

  • We have prepared more than 500 different sets for this [campaign]. There's one for everyone, get your favorite products now!

  • We had record sales of [product] in our store last quarter, so we decided to reward all customers by offering 30% off! Get yourself a [product] today!

Try It Out !

Creative Patterns

  • Experiment with the above Creative Patterns on your existing assets. Test and compare with previous videos, and you might see a lift in performance! Don't be afraid to mix and match different patterns. Think outside the box and get creative!

Creative Video Scripts

  • Brainstorm scripts using the suggested "Hook + Key Message + CTA" structure. Mix and match different narratives to find a combination that works best for you!

Get started now by jumping into TikTok Ads Manager and let your creativity take over!

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