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Creative StrategiesCreative Tips | Hyper-Casual Games

Creative Tips | Hyper-Casual Games

Jun 14,2023
Jinghui Xu, Global Creative Expert, TikTok for Business
Creative Guidance

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If you're here for the first time, welcome!

This article is designed to inspire and guide advertisers who want to Create for TikTok, and includes some key observations from our Creative Expert team. To clarify, these are observations that the team have noticed, and are not rules that must be followed. We're not trying to box you in and impose a formula for how to succeed - quite the opposite!

The Basics

Before you get started it’s important to know the basics. Below are some fundamental guidelines when creating ads for TikTok. By familiarising yourself with these guidelines, your chances of improved average ad performance will increase significantly.

Ready to get started? Great! Let's begin.

The Essentials

We have noticed that when performance advertisers adhere to these essential practices performance and ROI of ad spend significantly increases.

Taking it to the next level

Through our observations, we have concluded that with a larger quantity of videos and a diverse pool of creatives, advertisers have an increased chance of better performance.


Creative Quantity

A high number of creative assets allows for better optimization of asset selection. We recommend spreading your creatives throughout multiple ad groups, while maintaining 3-5 creatives per group. This enables you to utilize each creative, allowing the system to learn what works best for you.

Creative Diversity

Refreshing and uploading new assets to your campaign will increase your chance of finding a winner!

Observations for creative success

On TikTok, there's really no single formula for success. It's actually more about finding your own voice - being unique and different is what will get you noticed and excite your audiences.

We understand that "being unique" is easier said than done, and may be intimidating if you're new to content creation on the platform. That's where our Creative Expert team can step in to help. Upon reviewing the top-performing casual game creatives, they've identified a few key observations. The best creatives often follow a certain pattern around the way the story is told - some similar components that make up a compelling storytelling flow. We call these Creative Patterns.

By familiarizing yourself with these Creative Patterns, we hope you will be inspired to experiment and try out different creative methods across the 4 groups, to land on the strategy that's best-suited to you. Because on TikTok, it pays to be different.

1. Script Structure

2. Creative Patterns

On TikTok, there's really no single formula for success. It's more about finding and expressing your own voice and flair - being authentically unique and different is what will get you noticed on the platform and excite your audiences. To provide you with some guidance and a reference point for creating content for the hyper-casual gaming category, we'll be sharing some key creative patterns and content ideas below, divided into the three parts of the script structure:

By familiarizing yourself with these Creative Patterns for hyper-casual gaming, we hope you will be inspired to experiment and try out different creative combinations, to ultimately land on the strategy that's best-suited to you. Because on TikTok, it pays to be different.


Take advantage of the first 3-6 seconds to capture your audience's attention. This is your time to shine, so do whatever it takes! Add intriguing, attention-grabbing elements that will make viewers want to watch for longer.

🤩Creative Topic

Don't underestimate the first few seconds - make the most of it and draw viewers in! The hook is essential to attracting potential players to your game. Try out different creative topics that are relevant to your target audience's interests and personalities, to encourage them to watch for longer. The longer they watch, the more likely they'll be to download the game. On TikTok, we've observed that the following topics are effective for hyper-casual game ads:

Eye-catching Scenario or Prompt

Interact with Fans

💡 Think about it:

Where are you on your game's advertising journey?

  • Early stage: Target core players with direct advertising. Use the hook to showcase game attractions or interact with core fans to capture their attention and start making a buzz.
  • If you're looking to expand your hyper-casual game player base, use a broad eye-catching hook. It can be a relatable or comical scenario that will draw new viewers in, regardless of whether they know your game or not.
  • When expanding beyond your audience, use trending elements and skits to attract players that are outside your core player base.

🎵Background Sounds

Sound is powerful on TikTok. Not only can it effectively capture the attention of your audience, it also provides them with the best possible TikTok experience in which visuals and sound combine for greater impact and immersion. Make the most of background sounds and effects by leveraging our pre-approved tracks in our audio library, and select the right one for your content.

Robot Sound

Lift: 11.56% CTR*
(TikTok internal data. Compared CTR of ad groups with this creative pattern vs. ad groups without, Dec. 2022)

Sound Effects

Lift: 7.61% CTR*
(TikTok internal data. Compared CTR of ad groups with this creative pattern vs. ad groups without, Dec. 2022)

💡 Think about it:

  • Which parts of the gameplay or storytelling do you want to highlight? Which parts should stand out and be more memorable for your viewers? Try to emphasize it with the right background sounds!
  • Spend time getting to know which tracks are currently hit and trending on TikTok, even outside of the gaming space. Jump on these trends as quickly as possible to attract more potential players!
  • Get creative matching tracks that work best with gameplay or key message of your game. The ones that match best may not be obvious - it could be a surprising, fun, or interesting match!
  • Remember, sound is a great way to elicit the emotions you'd like your audience to feel.

🎯Motivation for Gaming

It's important to ensure a smooth transition from the hook to the main selling points of your game. Once you have your audience's attention, don't forget to showcase the gameplay itself or provide context as to why they would want to play the game, in order to hold their attention. Show the meaning and purpose of the game, and motivate players to keep watching or to download the game.


Relationship or Drama

Challenge or Organizing Chaos

💡 Think about it:

Why do players play hyper-casual games?

  • Killing time: hyper-casual games serve the basic purpose of allowing people to have fun with an easy game, especially when they're bored. A simple motivation is sufficient to captivate them, such as an emergency scenario or romantic or dramatic stories around the game. Once the motivation is there, viewers will then want to clearly see how the game works. This a great way to get them to try out the game for themselves.
  • Pleasure from a good challenge or "fixing" chaos: "fixing" or organizing chaos is a natural instinct for humans, and a satisfaction that can be achieved through hyper-casual games. These games provide an easy way for players to feel this sense of accomplishment, without the physical burden of activities like household chores.

Game Attractions

Needless to say, if you want to encourage game downloads, it's crucial to showcase attractions of the game itself. Game attractions, such as gameplay recordings, strategies, extraordinary characters, and unique artistic style, serve as highly effective selling points for your game. They also allow viewers to understand what to expect from playing the game, so go ahead and reveal the elements from your game that will be memorable and unique to your audiences.

📣Selling Points

It's important to ensure a smooth transition from the hook to the main selling points of your game. Once you have your audience's attention, don't forget to showcase the gameplay itself or provide context as to why they would want to play the game, in order to hold their attention. Show the meaning and purpose of the game, and motivate players to keep watching or to download the game.


Lift: 7.71% CTR*
(TikTok internal data. Compared CTR of ad groups with this creative pattern vs. ad groups without, Dec. 2022)



💡 Think about it:

The critical question for this part is: What can you provide for your audiences? The hook attracts potential players by resonating with them through an engaging opener. While this can be related to the game, it doesn't have to be. This game attraction part, however, should convey the main selling points of the game and hold the viewers' attention around the game, so they learn about the game and know what to expect. For this part, it's important to really understand the needs and preferences of your target audience when it comes to game experience. This is a requirement for creating great content that encourages game downloads!

❓Instant Feedback

Giving real-time feedback when players make choices in the game is a great way to captivate your audience and hold their attention. Use emoji, points, "right" or "wrong" visuals, or even emotional feedback via characters' expressions to agree or disagree with players' actions instantly.

Emotional Emojis

Progress Comparison

Highlighting Failure as Incentive

Lift: 9.99% CTR*
(TikTok internal data, CTR compared between ad groups with this creative pattern vs ad groups without, Dec. 2022)

💡 Think about it:

Having fun when playing a hyper-casual game is all about making meaningful choices that have a real impact on the outcome of the game. Players are always curious whether they're capable of changing the course of the game with their strategies. Instant feedback is the most efficient way of highlighting the "meaningful choices" that players make. The tricky part is combining feedback with gameplay - but when done right, it's a great way to showcase and promote the game itself along with the excitement and suspense of strategic decision-making!

📸Engaging Add-ons

Interact with audiences through engaging visuals like buttons or "hands" that serve as intuitive signals for gameplay instructions. Add special elements that add a layer of engagement and fun!


Multiple Choice

Dashboard Simulator

💡 Think about it:

Captivate your audience's attention through eye-catching visual add-ons on top of your gameplay experience. Try out the following to boost engagement:

  • Select buttons with a shiny effect
  • Use different shapes of "hands" in the game. Ideally, use your target audiences' hands if possible. This way, they can picture themselves playing the game.
  • Build urgency around the situation in your game, to encourage audiences to respond quickly.


Don't forget to add a compelling call-to-action at the end of your video ad. Use your game's slogan, a catchy tagline, and a clear button to direct users to the next step. Keep up the momentum and transfer your audience's attention to the desired next action - downloading or purchasing the game.

Common Setting

Next Level Preview

Motivate to Try Again

💡 Think about it:

Usually, the call-to-action includes game slogans, a tagline, and download buttons, but there are other ways to be memorable! Feel free to think outside the box with your CTAs, and try to add a different type of motivational action that's more open-ended and stands out from all the rest. For example, it could be an unresolved story that encourages audiences to take the next step to find out the ending, while also learning more about the game. This can drive further engagement that will ultimately lead to game download.

3. Golden formulas

Now that we've provided "creative patterns" for the Hook, Game Attractions, and Ending, it's your turn to give it a try! We encourage you to put together your own videos by leveraging a combination of patterns provided. Initially, test launch with a small budget in order to find the exclusive golden formula that works best for your video ads, and iterate from there.

TopAds Example 1

Structure and Patterns


  • Creative topic - Interact with fans
  • Background sounds - Sound effects

Game attractions

  • Selling points - Challenging
  • Instant feedback - Progress comparison
  • Engaging add-ons - Multiple choice & Dashboard Simulator


  • Common setting


  • Based on online comments, fans claim that the game is quite challenging. The creator feels challenged and is motivated to play the "unbeatable" game to see if he can beat it.
  • Highlighting strategic choices in gameplay simplifies the game while showing the experience: "every time you have enough gems, they will show you three different skill options." He also points out that strategy is essential: "if you don't use any of your skills in the game, you will not make it out"

💡 Think about it:

Through the lens of a real person talking his way through the game, the video appears credible and the commentary is trustworthy. The audience feels like they're being let in on certain shortcuts or "secrets" for getting ahead in the game, which can contribute to motivation for download.

TopAds Example 2

Structure and Patterns


  • Creative topic - Incorporate trends on TikTok
  • Background sounds - Trending tracks from TikTok
  • Motivation for gaming - Challenge or Organizing Chaos & Emergency

Game attractions

  • Selling points - Relaxing
  • Instant feedback - Emotional Emojis & Progress Comparison
  • Engaging add-ons - Gestures & Dashboard Simulator


  • Common setting


  • Starting with the line, "judge me for playing the game" definitely draws the attention of a broad audience, since they will sense potential conflict or gossip immediately from the Hook.
  • Targeting those who would enjoy "satisfying makeup and skincare routines to perform on different people" makes the ASMR more attractive, as it provides a hands-on way to experience the soothing, relaxing ASMR.

💡 Think about it:

ASMR is a trending topic on TikTok. This video jumps on that trend while introducing the details of the gameplay that would appeal to audiences who love ASMR and beauty. Try to discover the hidden gems of your gameplay that would shine as selling points!

TopAds Example 3

Structure and Patterns


  • Creative topic - Eye-catching
  • Background sounds - Sound effects
  • Motivation for gaming - Emergency

Game attractions

  • Selling points - Rewarding & Challenging
  • Instant feedback - Progress Comparison & Highlighting Failure as Incentive
  • Engaging add-ons - Multiple Choice


  • Motivation for retry

💡 Think about it:

Along with the exciting stories within the game, audiences will sense the high level of freedom of choice. With this intrigue and curiosity, players will feel compelled to see how their choices can influence their gaming world, and what the consequences are. Try to showcase skits and twists in your gaming stories, and illustrate how your players can influence the stories with their decisions.

Creative Structure Recommendation

4. Community Insights

Keep up with what's trending on TikTok, and what our users are loving. We have a few resources listed below at your disposal: TikTok Community, The Keywords Insights, and Trending Hashtags. Take full advantage of them! They're here to help you keep a pulse on what's currently trending by region and industry.

Lastly, TikTok is made up of strong communities that consume and create content around certain topics. If your game is relevant to any of these niche communities, consider taking the time to research these groups for inspiration, to create compelling content with key narratives that appeal to them. This is a great way to attract new players from unexpected but relevant spaces.

Try it out!

  • Have you tried add eye-catching design to the gameplay part? Review your existing assets. Are there elements you could add to create a new layer of depth?

  • Try 5 new creative patterns or mix and match to modify your videos. Test and compare to see if there's a lift in results.

  • Test 10 new creative scripts using the formats suggested above. Make sure the message is clear throughout your video. A/B test to see if results are affected.

Get started now by jumping into TikTok Ads Manager and let your creativity take over!

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