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Creative StrategiesTikTok Creative Playbook | Fashion 2.0

TikTok Creative Playbook | Fashion 2.0

Apr 01,2024
Joe Gualtiere, Global Creative Strategist
Creative Guidance

πŸ‘  The TikTok Guide To Creative Tips For Fashion & Apparel

Welcome to the Fashion 2.0 Creative Playbook! This playbook is designed to inspire and guide advertisers who want to create for TikTok, and includes key observations from our Creative Expert team. To clarify, these are observations that the team has noticed, and are not rules that must be followed. We're not trying to box you in and impose a formula for how to succeed, but instead encourage advertisers to think outside the box and test a variety of creative ideas in order to maximize their chances for success.

Please note that you are solely responsible for adherence to all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and policies, when creating branded content on TikTok including, without limitation, the FTC's endorsement guidelines and all applicable TikTok platform policies including, without limitation, TikTok's branded content policy: https://support.tiktok.com/en/business-and-creator/creator-and-business-accounts/branded-content-policy

1. Intro & Overview: The TikTok Creative Journey

POV: You need to create some new fashion videos for TikTok, but don't know where to start, how to produce a high volume of assets, which creators represent your brand, or which communities and trends to tap into.

Get Creative: The #1 factor for advertising effectiveness on sales is Creative [1], so this is the perfect place to start for a spark of creativity that can help you boost campaign performance.

How-To: TikTok's Creative Experts are here to share insights, thought-starters turned, and actionable tips, in addition to a refresher of TikTok's creative resources you can use to achieve success.

It's Proven: Performance advertisers who engaged with last year's fashion tips to improve their creative education saw CPA decrease by -16.31%, ROAS improve by 147.53%, CTR increase by 4.1%, and CVR increase by 14.19%. [2]

This playbook is structured in 7 parts:

  1. Intro & Overview
  2. Audience & Market Insights
  3. Creative Refresher
  4. Fashion Forces
  5. Fashion Creative Tips (By Funnel Stage)
  6. Creator Insights
  7. Where To Start

So stop scrolling, and get ready with us as we unbox the latest fashion-focused creative strategies, outlined by objective type & stage of funnel.

TikTok Tip: Use this fashion playbook to get inspired and elevate your creative assets for TikTok!

Advertiser POV: Hold on, I'm a more visual learner, do you something more visual instead?

TikTok POV: Say no more! We'll make this article as visual as we can, and encourage you to tune in for our upcoming webinars, workshops, and bite-sized social content on our TikTok account, @TikTokCreativeExperts.

2. Audience & Market Insights: Creativity Is Always In Fashion

First, let's take a behind-the-scenes look at how TikTok is enabling lower funnel purchasing success for fashion apparel and accessories brands, while keeping their audiences engaged with original content:

  • 53% of users have discovered at least one luxury fashion product on TikTok. [3]
  • 59% of TikTok users shopping across verticals online bought apparel and footwear essentials. [4]
  • Fashion and Clothing are number 1 in the top 3 categories where TikTok played a role in holiday purchases. [5]

TikTok Tip: If you're not already creating fashion content for TikTok, now is the perfect time to start!

But what about how the what types of content different generations are engaging with, what they value most, and how they’re shopping?

Gen Z:

Trust is given to people outside of their inner circle, especially creators. Seeing others wear brands & logos builds trust and belonging. [6]


Value and brand trust is important for Apparel purchases. They consider themselves trend-forward, the first to know about the latest trends. [7]

Gen X:

They look for a great deal/discount and prioritize brand trust. They are excited to talk about clothing and 1.6x more likely to consider themselves experts. [8]

Additionally, each generation of TikTok fashion audiences are engaging with brands in different ways to inform their purchasing decisions:


74% of Gen Z purchased apparel & accessories for themselves, compared with even higher numbers for 90% of millennials and 91% of Gen X. [9]


57% of Gen Z and Millennials on fashion journeys leverage the platform to research new products and brands, compared with 47% of Gen X. [10]


44% of Gen Z users on a fashion journey have bought a product because they saw it on TikTok in the past year, compared with 40% of Millennials and even higher 48% of Gen X users. [11]

TikTok Tip: Edit your messaging to speak to each generation based on their unique habits.

Taking this one step further, it's important to remember TikTok's global impact to understand how your users around the globe may interact differently with fashion content and Creators.

APAC: 3 in 5 users visit TikTok for fashion trends. [12]
4.4x more likely to look up to social media creators for the latest fashion trends. [13]

Europe: 47% claim that TikTok played a role in discovery and inspiration to find out more about fashion products, [14]
while 66% believe Creator collaborations would make luxury brands more appealing. [15]

METAP: 7 out of 10 interested in fashion liked or commented on videos or shared a video with friends in last month. [16]

LATAM: 3 in 5 are willing to purchase a Fashion product directly on the TikTok platform. [17]

TikTok Tip: Tailor your content to each market, tapping local creators to support with content production.

To better understand what fashion users are engaging with on TikTok, you can easily tap into these communities by understanding the trending hashtags, products, keywords, selling points, target audience callouts, and CTAs that are helping advertisers and creators to captivate their shoppers. TikTok Creative Center helps to aggregate these trending features that will inspire you to create at scale. Within TikTok Creative Center, you can explore the latest trending elements:

#️⃣ Hashtags

πŸ‘š Products

πŸ” Keywords

πŸ“¦ Selling Points

🎯 Target Audience

πŸ‘‡ CTAs

TikTok Tip: Leverage TikTok Creative Center's Trends tools to get inspiration for your next set of TikTok videos. Once you've identified a few key trends that resonate with your brand or product, consider how you can include these in messaging, and where in the purchase journey to communicate each point.

So what does the fashion journey look like for TikTok users at each stage of the advertising funnel?


People making fashion purchases were 40% more likely to discover their purchase on TikTok vs other social apps. [19]

TikTok Tip: Consider adding an awareness campaign to build trust and increase discoverability, even if you're predominantly focused on performance.


People making fashion purchases were 29% More likely to talk to their friends and family about a fashion purchase. [19]

TikTok Tip: Make videos that use creative methods to humanize your brand or product by replicating word-of-mouth marketing.


Retail purchase journeys that include TikTok have 48% of users buy a product immediately after seeing it. [19]

TikTok Tip: Communicate ease of purchase experience, urgent messaging and CTAs to drive lower funnel performance directly from TikTok.

As you finalize your own objectives and shake up your media plan to create a more robust purchase experience, you'll need to lead with a creative mindset. That's where our TikTok Creative Refresh comes into play.

Advertiser POV: As a performance advertiser, I almost always optimize toward conversion. Do you have any tips on how to create videos for other funnel stages?

TikTok POV: Absolutely! Section 5 breaks down our fashion tips by stage of funnel to make it easy for you to understand, and we'll even share a creative action plan that shows you how to differentiate creatives for each.

3. Creative Refresh: How To Piece Together All of TikTok's Tips

We know you're probably a TikTok pro at this point, but it's always good to go back to basics. Before we dive into creative tips for the fashion vertical, it's important to remember the essentials that make a good TikTok.

Always come back to laying the foundations of TikTok creative best practices by following these 3 foundational guidelines:

🎡 TikTok Creative Codes
πŸ–‡οΈ The Golden Formula (Script Structure)
🎬 Creative Best Practices

TikTok Creative Codes

First and foremost, get familiar with the six principles for creating effective ads for TikTokβ€”all backed by data. These will help you to get inspired, unlock your creative potential, and start creating today.

🟑 Think TikTok-First: Build a variety of content that creates value and connection with the TikTok community.

🟣 Connect With Trends: Leverage trending content to create relevance for your brand.

πŸ”΅ Be Production: Principled: Land these fundamentals and expand as your brand takes off.

🟒 Stick To a Structure: Follow formats that are proven to deliver engagement and action.

πŸ”΄ Hold Attention With Stimulation: Grab attention and create engaging viewing experiences through dynamic editing and assets.

⚫ Build With Sound: Tune into communities through music, voiceovers and sounds.

Golden Formula Script Structure

When it comes to structuring your content and creating a script, follow our golden formula for captivating ad messaging, with each section having a unique purpose that supports the whole video.


The first 3-6 seconds of your ad are precious. Make sure the hook is related to your product. This ensures a smooth transition from the initial hook to the key message that follows.

πŸ”΅ Hacks/Tips To Pain Points
πŸ”΅ Highlight Price/Promotion
πŸ”΅ Highlight Audience Group
πŸ”΅ Unbox/Comparisons/Question
πŸ”΅ Listicles/Lists To Inspire
πŸ”΅ Reviews, Testimonials
πŸ”΅ Product Features


Ensure your key message is connected to your product in a natural way. Keep your message upbeat and exciting by focusing on the positive benefits and selling points of the product.

πŸ”΄ Product Info/Selling Point
πŸ”΄ Social Proof
πŸ”΄ Promotional Info
πŸ”΄ Unique Service


End with a clear CTA to get your audience to take action. It should be easy to follow as the next step right after they watch your content, whether it's verbally stated or appears as text.

🟑 Solution + CTA
🟑 Clear Guidance + CTA
🟑 Promotion + CTA
🟑 Product Efficacy + CTA
🟑 High Sales Volume + CTA

Creative Best Practices

Increase your chances of higher-performing creative content by producing a larger quantity of videos across a diverse pool of creatives and storylines.

Creative Volume / Quantity:

🎞️ A larger creative quantity is recommended, as advertisers who use more new creatives in their ad groups see better performance. On average, TikTok campaigns with 5-7 creatives alongside weekly refreshes drove the strongest ROAS. This enables you to try out each creative, and allow the system to learn what's working.

Creative Diversity:

🎭 TikTok's unique approach to content and nuanced audience means there's no specific rule that must be followed. Explore a wide variety of visual and content formats to increase your chances of finding a winner and set the trend for your vertical.

Keeping these three essential creative methodologies in mind will help to solidify your expertise and ensure that you're thinking TikTok-first to create compelling content that's built on proven data-backed approaches.

Advertiser POV: Yeah yeah, I'm already a pro and know the basics. Then what?

TikTok POV: From here it's time to layer in creative ideas and formulas specific to your vertical, in this case fashion.

4. Fashion Forces: Recapping TikTok's Original Fashion Tips

Assuming you're a fashion advertiser, you may be familiar with tips from our original fashion creative playbook, which now still stand as evergreen forces you can explore and experiment with.

Remember that TikTok identifies Creative Patterns, which are split into two main groups:

🟒 Video Format 🟒 Visual & Audio Elements

Video Formats:

Consider the story you're looking to tell (or sell), and how to best communicate it on TikTok. Our Creative Experts previously identified 5 primary video formats for the apparel & accessories vertical, and how to action them.

Graphic & Text

Emphasize your key message on a single image or mix of images, plus effects.

Creative Tips for Graphic & Text
🟒 Add Special Effects
🟒 Add Background Music
🟒 Promote D2C Products

Product Showcase

Make your product the focus, introduce it in a dynamic way.

Creative Tips for Product Showcase
🟒 Single Product
🟒 Multiple Products
🟒 Unboxing
🟒 Hand demonstrations

Community Engagement

Share real experiences with the product, what it looks like on.

Creative Tips for Community Engagement
🟒 Product Comparisons
🟒 Solve a Problem
🟒 Tap Into Communities
🟒 Endorsements
🟒 Step By Step Guides
🟒 Perspectives

Try It On

Piece videos together to show various products, or one product in various settings.

Creative Tips for Graphic & Text
🟒 Style an Item
🟒 Create a Lookbook
🟒 User Guides
🟒 Product Versatility
🟒 Before vs. After
🟒 Virtual vs. Real


Introduce your product benefits in creative and unexpected ways or perspectives.

Creative Tips for Storytelling
🟒 Be Transparent
🟒 Tell Your Story
🟒 On Its Way
🟒 Single or Multiple Characters

Audio & Visual Elements:

Combine these video formats and creative ideas with compelling audio & visual elements that help to captivate audiences in TikTok's full-screen sound-on environment.

Special Effects

Stand out on the For You Page by making users look twice.

Creative Tips for Special Effects
🟒 Transitions
🟒 Stickers
🟒 Animation
🟒 Text Freeze
🟒 Holiday Specials

Trending Audio

Creative Tips for Trending Audio
🟒 Sounds, ASMR
🟒 Trending TikTok Tracks
🟒 Lyrics / To The Beat
🟒 Voiceovers
🟒 Generic or Original Music

Repurposing Assets

Find ways to reuse assets you already have, or shoot additional TikTok-style videos during bigger productions, and edit them to fit TikTok's formats and trends.

Creative Tips for Repurposing Assets
🟒 Behind-The-Scenes
🟒 Long-Form Video, Still Images
🟒 Creator/Influencer Videos
🟒 High-Performing Blogs
🟒 Comments & Reviews

While many of these methods still stand true today, TikTok content is constantly evolving, innovating, and even iterating upon what's worked in the past. For this reason, we've chosen to refresh our fashion recommendations to include some new thought starters.

Advertiser POV: Love these recommendations, but I've already tried a lot of them. What's new?

TikTok POV: Glad you asked! The next section identifies our latest set of fashion-focused creative tips.

5. Fashion 2.0 Key Creative Thought-Starters: What's Hot Right Now

Upon analyzing thousands of top-performing TikTok videos, we've identified several new key observations and thought-starters within the fashion apparel & accessories vertical. Here's what you can expect:

🟣 Fashion Creative Thought-Starters: Awareness
🟣 Fashion Creative Thought-Starters: Traffic
🟣 Fashion Creative Thought-Starters: Conversion
🟣 BONUS Fashion Creative Thought-Starters: e-Commerce / TikTok Shop

In an effort to help advertisers easily produce new TikTok videos, we'll also break down an action plan for each stage of the funnel, outlining how to produce videos by following these frameworks:

πŸ”΅ Creative Ideas: Summarizing top-performing trends by vertical into one main idea.
πŸ”΄ Creative Formula: How to capture attention, sell your key message, and encourage a next step to be taken.
🟣 Creative Elements: Providing guidance on where to shoot, visual & audio styles, how many people to feature, and whether or not to include branding.

Fashion Thought-Starters: Awareness

Purchase journeys that include TikTok are 1.7x more likely to be the source of product discovery. [22] Here are 3 ways to create videos to help get your brand or product discovered...

Unveil It On The TikTok Runway

Find ways to reuse assets you already have, or shoot additional TikTok-style videos during bigger productions, and edit them to fit TikTok's formats and trends.

Creative Tips for Unveiling It On The TikTok Runway
🟣 Brand Narratives
🟣 Collaborations
🟣 New Collections and Products

Put a Face To Fashion

Feature immediately recognizable faces who represent your brand or product, whether they're celebrities, models, or creators.

Creative Tips for Putting a Face To Fashion
🟣 Celebrity Ambassadors
🟣 Famous Models
🟣 Top Creators

Be Inclusive To All or Many

Showcase your product from a brand-to-all perspective, where it's displayed in a variety of environments and options.

Creative Tips for Being Inclusive To All or Many
🟣 Lifestyle In-Studio Campaigns
🟣 Outdoor Lifestyle Campaigns
🟣 Versatility, Mixed Generations

How To Achieve This: Awareness

πŸ”΅ Creative Ideas: Feature professionally-shot glamour and vanity shots of individual hero product(s) in action, or a small selection of hero products. Showcase brand and lifestyle campaigns, similar to a produced brand commercial. Leverage creator, model, or celebrity endorsements as familiar faces, and use special effects that make a visual impact.

How To: Creative Formula
Structure your TikTok video using this winning golden creative formula.


πŸ”΄ Opening Brand Logo
πŸ”΄ Visual Impact
πŸ”΄ Product Features
πŸ”΄ No Hook


πŸ”΄ New Product Launches
πŸ”΄ Holiday Releases
πŸ”΄ Lifestyle & Styling
πŸ”΄ Full Range of Products


πŸ”΄ Closing Brand Logo
πŸ”΄ Season / Holiday / Year
πŸ”΄ Name of Featured Collection

How To: Creative Elements
Piece together a mix of these creative elements to create meaningful TikTok videos for this stage.


🟣 In-Studio
🟣 Outdoor Lifestyle
🟣 Multi Location Campaigns


🟣 Seamless Transitions
🟣 No Captions
🟣 Text Overlays


🟣 No Voiceover
🟣 Background Music
🟣 Original Sound


🟣 No People
🟣 1 Person
🟣 Celebrity or Model
🟣 4+ Multi-Generational People


🟣 Opening and/or Closing of Video
🟣 On Products or Packaging
🟣 Verbal Brand Mention (If Voiceover Is Used)

Action these tips in an effort to improve brand performance. Remember that other advertisers have measured 40% better brand recall for brands seen during their experience. [23]

BONUS CREATOR TIP: Use TikTok Creator Marketplace to partner with Creators who specialize in art, animation, cinema, and design to create visually-engaging branded content.

Fashion Thought-Starters: Traffic

Purchase journeys that include TikTok are 1.2x More likely to actively visit a store/online retailer for more information. [24] Here are 3 ways to make TikTok videos that can drive engagement and traffic...

Get Real (POV Style)

Leverage relatable storytelling that ties your brand or product to everyday consumer situations, organically including products.

Creative Tips for Getting Real (POV Style)
🟣 Going on a Date
🟣 Packing For Vacation
🟣 Seasonal Stories

Disrupt The Fashion Feed

Grab the senses and stop users from scrolling by doing something that sets you apart from the videos around you.

Creative Tips for Disrupting The Fashion Feed
🟣 Silence (no music or voiceover)
🟣 Unique, Negative Hooks
🟣 Aesthetic-Only, Still Photos

Get Creative With Collections

Generate interest by teasing new product collections and encouraging viewers to click through to explore more.

Creative Tips for Getting Creative With Collections
🟣 Full Range of Products
🟣 Limited Special Collections
🟣 Seasonal Collections

How To Achieve This: Traffic

πŸ”΅ Creative Ideas: Produce Creator-led and consumer POV videos that organically incorporate products into their daily routines, showing how it's used in specific reality scenarios. Additionally, include professionally-shot lifestyle campaigns visualizing the functional or fashionable elements of product collections.

How To: Creative Formula
Structure your TikTok video using this winning golden creative formula.


πŸ”΄ Conversational Entry Points
πŸ”΄ Relatability To Audience
πŸ”΄ Highlight Product Features


πŸ”΄ Feature Mix of Products
πŸ”΄ Product Collections
πŸ”΄ Showcase Single Products + Mix In Additional Products


πŸ”΄ End-of-Video CTA
πŸ”΄ Discover Full Collection
πŸ”΄ Optional Closing Logo

How To: Creative Elements
Piece together a mix of these creative elements to create meaningful TikTok videos for this stage.


🟣 Indoor Home Settings
🟣 Outdoor Settings
🟣 Studio Locations


🟣 Intro Captions
🟣 Text Overlays


🟣 Subject Speaking
🟣 No Voiceover
🟣 Trending Tracks
🟣 Generic Music


🟣 All Quantitieso
🟣 1-2 People, 4 People
🟣 Creators, Real People
🟣 Mixed Generations


🟣 Verbal Brand Mention
🟣 Logo Optional
🟣 On Products or Packaging

Action these tips in an effort to improve traffic performance. Remember that other advertisers have seen 29% stronger emotional responses and engagement to ads and content on TikTok than other platforms. [25]

Fashion Thought-Starters: Conversion

Purchase journeys that include TikTok have 33% of users buy a product because they saw it on TikTok. [26] Here are 3 ways to encourage users to buy a product...

Sellers As Creators, Supporting Shoppers

Put people first, even for product-first content. Start videos with human face before moving to product closeups.

Creative Tips for Featuring Sellers As Creators Supporting Shoppers
🟣 Sales Associates, Authority
🟣 Creators & Real People
🟣 Shoppers

The Fashion Essentials It-List

Demonstrating a shortlist of the best products, communicating the occasions one might use the product for.

Creative Tips for The Fashion It-List
🟣 5 Top Items Sold This Week
🟣 What to Wear: Wedding Guest
🟣 3 Summer Vacation Looks
🟣 Must-Haves and Essentials

Experiential Immersive Shopping

Put viewers in the shoes of the shopper by sharing visuals of the shopping experience, whether in a retail setting, or online.

Creative Tips for The Fashion It-List
🟣 In-Store
🟣 In-Studio
🟣 Websites & Product Pages

How To Achieve This: Conversion

πŸ”΅ Creative Ideas: Blur the lines between real people and creators for an authentic-feeling video where the subject advocates and demonstrates key benefits of specific products, while lightly selling. Come back to tried-and-true winning fashion thought-starters (product demonstrations, try-ons, reviews, GRWM, OOTD), and shoot single-frame videos often in store or online in the setting someone would make a purchase within, while also mixing in some home and outdoor lifestyle aesthetics.

How To: Creative Formula
Structure your TikTok video using this winning golden creative formula.


πŸ”΄ With Me
πŸ”΄ Visual Impacts
πŸ”΄ Special Product Features


πŸ”΄ Single Products
πŸ”΄ Shortlists of Products
πŸ”΄ How To Style or Wear
πŸ”΄ Special or Unique Features


πŸ”΄ Include CTA
πŸ”΄ Test Without CTA
πŸ”΄ Verbal CTA

How To: Creative Elements
Piece together a mix of these creative elements to create meaningful TikTok videos for this stage.


🟣 In-Store, Retail Setting
🟣 Green Screen, Product Page
🟣 Indoor Homes
🟣 Great Outdoors


🟣 Captions
🟣 Text Overlays


🟣 Subject Speaking
🟣 Voiceover
🟣 No Music
🟣 Trending Tracks
🟣 Generic Music


🟣 1 Person
🟣 Creators, Authority
🟣 Real People


🟣 No / Optional Logo
🟣 Verbal Brand Mention
🟣 On Products or Packaging

Action these tips to in an effort to improve conversion performance. Remember that other advertisers have seen +10pp higher purchase intent for brands seen on TikTok. [27]

Want more creative tips on how to move the needle and sell products when running performance campaigns on TikTok? Keep reading! Conversion-stage ads directing shoppers to an advertiser's website typically include a handful of the creative ideas, tips, trends, and formats we discussed. However, e-commerce & TikTok Shop videos offer even more creative insight on how to speak directly to your audience.

Advertiser POV: Whoa, this is awesome! But I'm looking to scale from website purchases to on-platform purchases. Do you have any creative recommendations on how I should launch assets for e-commerce ads on TikTokShop? What about more granular creative tips?

TikTok POV: Whoa, that's a great question! Especially since creative trends are even more pronounced at this stage.

BONUS: e-Commerce & TikTok Shop Creative Tips

As TikTok Shop continues to grow, our team has begun to identify creative trends unique to these e-commerce videos. Remember, conversion-focused ads can use these methodologies as well, but more sparingly and naturally, rather than "selling" by including all of them in the same ad, like TikTok Shop ads. Here are 9 creative ways to drive product sales on TikTok Shop...

Social Selling

πŸ”΅ Creative Ideas: Feature a creator demonstrating a product, either already wearing it and speaking about its features, or trying it on and reviewing or reacting to it in real time. Respond to comments to include the community, and speak about many/all selling points. Emulate the style of a TikTok Live by shooting one shot all the way through, or mixing single frame clips.

Creative Tips for Social Selling
🟣 Be Relatable: Use very natural conversational language. Say things that relate to a wide population of consumers. Put personal troubles out there to gain sympathy and relatability from audiences, who are likely going through similar journeys.
🟣 Height, Weight, Size: Mention or include a caption that includes the height, weight, and size of the featured subject as a reference for how the product fits. This emulates how top e-commerce sites often list this for their models.
🟣 Create a Community: Make the audience feel included by naming niche communities you're trying to target based on who the product would be suitable for. Respond to comments to make the audience feel seen and heard.
🟣 Wear It Everywhere: Communicate every possible scenario of where the product can or should be worn to demonstrate the product's versatility and appeal to a wider range of consumers.
🟣 Buy More: Several creators make a point of demonstrating the best ways to save, often buying multiple items to save on the shipping cost, or loving an item so much that they bought it in multiple colors, or several for family/friends.
🟣 Viral Demand: Top ads unsurprisingly mention virality of a product, where it went viral (often TikTok), whether it's sold out, is back in stock, who's talking about it, etc. This acts as a way to drive urgency and prompt action.
🟣 Mention TikTok: Many ads mention TikTok / TikTok Shop, which may seem like a given, but the verbal inclusion of the brand name helps to serve as an indicator of trust, virality, reliability, and validation.
🟣 Include Pricing: Hook users by mentioning an affordable price at the start of the video. Continue mentioning how affordable it is, while also mentioning associated sales and promotions.
🟣 Hesitation and Doubt: Lean into consumer doubts by having Creators share their own experience hesitating to buy a product, and factors that help solve for that specified painpoint.

How To Achieve This: TikTok Shop

How To: Creative Formula
Structure your TikTok video using this winning golden creative formula.


πŸ”΄ Caption / Text Overlay
πŸ”΄ Captivating Statement
πŸ”΄ Comment Reply


πŸ”΄ Many / All Selling Points
πŸ”΄ One Product
πŸ”΄ Multiple Colors / Sizes
πŸ”΄ Promotions / Discounts
πŸ”΄ Versatility


πŸ”΄ Verbal CTA
πŸ”΄ TikTok Shop Anchor Link
πŸ”΄ Middle-End of Video

How To: Creative Elements
Piece together a mix of these creative elements to create meaningful TikTok videos for this stage.


🟣 Bedroom
🟣 Living Room


🟣 Single Frame, Mixed Clips
🟣 One Shot, β€œLive”-Style
🟣 Comment Box
🟣 Text or Captions


🟣 Subject Speaking
🟣 No Music
🟣 Generic Music
🟣 Text-to-Speech


🟣 1 Person
🟣 Creators
🟣 Youth or Middle Age


🟣 No Logo
🟣 Optional/Rare Verbal Brand Mention

The best-performing TikTok Shop videos included all 9 creative thought-starters, in addition to the recommended creative formula and elements. Why is that? It's likely because they were mostly all produced by talented Creators, who are extremely adaptable, experimental, and most of all creative.

Advertiser POV: Wow, you really are creative experts! But should I do all of this myself, or ask a creator for help?

TikTok POV: Glad you asked! TikTok is home to some of the world's leading creator tools. Keep reading to learn more about them.

6. Creator Insights: Why You Should Work With Creators In 2024 and Beyond

While most ads in the awareness stage are brand-owned assets, a bulk of the ads in the traffic and conversion stages are Spark Ads, a format that allows you to create TikTok In-Feed Ads or TikTok TopView Ads using your organic posts or content made by creators (with their authorization).

5 Reasons To Work With Creators

  1. Creators on TikTok are considered trustworthy sources of information, and their word of mouth generates a FOMO effect.
  2. Use of creators in campaigns can lead to +20% HIGHER Relevance. [28]
  3. Ads with Creators on TikTok drove a 17% increase in purchase intent among social/video platform users. [29]
  4. 53% of social/video platform users have purchased a product after seeing a creator/influencer video. [30]
  5. Gen Z TikTok users are 2.0x more likely to join a LIVE to buy something promoted by a creator/influencer (vs. non-TikTok users), while Millennials are 1.6x more likely, and Gen X are 1.8 more likely. [31]
Advertiser POV: Sounds good to me, how do I get started?

TikTok POV: Wait for it...

7. Where To Start: How To Create TikTok Videos Using Trend and Creator Tools

Get started by taking a deep breath to letting all of that sink in, with some abbreviated creative key takeaways that summarize the full fashion journey:

AWARENESS: Tell your brand story in an innovative and disruptive way that captures attention. Feature new hero products, familiar faces, and multi-generational inclusivity showcasing how you have something for everyone.

TRAFFIC: Encourage real people and Creators to share their real life experiences using products, or working them into daily routines. Selling points should focus on product usage in real life, featuring a range of multiple product categories.

CONVERSION: Feature real people and Creators at home, or sales associates in a store or online demonstrating the shopping experience. Mention 4-6 selling points for one product or a shortlist of top products and their benefits.

TIKTOK SHOP: Tap a Creator to film product try-ons in a bedroom or living room setting following all 9 thought-starters, while reviewing it and mentioning all the selling points for one singular product, or a single product in a variety of colors or sizes.

If you made it this far, you're already on the right track! Explore the rest of TikTok Creative Center for creative inspiration, guides to success, and to reduce both costs & time. In case you're wondering how effective Creative Center has been for others, we've seen a 5 hour reduction in time to find inspiration, with +21% number of effective creatives. [32] Start there to establish your creative ideas; move into a production-mindset utilizing Creative Codes, Script Structure, and Quantity & Diversity; layer in vertical-specific patterns, tips, and thought-starters; and partner with creators by leveraging TikTok's suite of creative tools.

Creators and External Partners

To begin your own creator marketing journey, explore our 3 main tools for creator and external partnerships:

TikTok Creator Marketplace

The official platform for brand and creator collaborations on TikTok.

🟣 Partner With Creators To Deliver Performance
🟣 Seamlessly Work With Creators
🟣 Creator Collaborations Your Way
Try It Out!

TikTok Creative Exchange

Connect with creative experts to create native-looking TikTiok videos for ad campaigns.

πŸ”΅ Leading Creative Experts
πŸ”΅ Seamless Collaboration
πŸ”΅ Quality & Efficiency At Scale
Learn More!

TikTok Creative Challenge:

Encourage creators to submit video ads to brand challenges and receive rewards based on video performance.

πŸ”΄ Hands-Off Service
πŸ”΄ Performance-Driven
πŸ”΄ Free To Use
Get Started!

TikTok Tools & Education

If you're looking to be more hands-on in creating TikTok videos, use these tools to get educated and inspired:

πŸ₯‡Top Ads

➑ Explore the Top Ads on TikTok

πŸ”Keyword Insights

➑ Identify top Keyword Insights

πŸ”₯TikTok Trends

➑ Jump onto the latest Trends

🎨Creative Patterns

➑ Identify Creative Patterns

🎡Commercial Music Library

➑ Level up your TikTok with pre-cleared music!

πŸŽ₯Video Editing Tools

➑ Amplify your Creative Production

If you're looking to maximize your creative potential, consider using TikTok's educational tools to help inform the brief you'll provide to creators and partners through one of these programs. From there, remember to continue testing, monitoring, iterating, creating, and innovating.

Advertiser POV: I'm so inspired! Can I share this with my team?

TikTok POV: Absolutely! Share the link, and keep an eye out for additional playbook formats, including webinars, workshops, downloadable guides, and bite-sized content on our TikTok page @TikTokCreativeExperts

  1. DISCLAIMER: TikTok makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, in relation to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this document, and accepts no responsibility, obligation, or liability in relation to any of such information. TikTok expressly disclaims any and all liability which may be based on this document and any errors therein or omissions therefrom. TikTok undertakes no obligation or responsibility to update any of the information contained in this document. Past performance does not guarantee or predict future performance.
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