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Creative StrategiesLevel-up your creative to captivate your audience

Level-up your creative to captivate your audience

Dec 19,2022
TikTok For Business

3 Creative Tips for Video Ads that Dazzle, Delight, and Drive Results

Need some guidance on how to produce great creative that stands out? We’ve gathered some of our best creative tips that have been tried and tested, to help you effectively capture the attention of your audiences, keep them engaged, and drive results. From transitions and effects to remakes and duets, read on to learn how to give your brand a creative boost.

Creative Tip 01

Stimulate their senses through clever transitions and effects

Needless to say, video ads need to be visually appealing to draw users in and keep them engaged. Thankfully, on TikTok, this doesn’t require a massive budget. Leverage our suite of visual effects, and ensure that it’s synced to sound. Brands looking to differentiate themselves should lean on #transition (56.2B views)1 to showcase clever, dynamic ways to tell their story. Common transitions include covering/uncovering the camera, and still camera positioning with changing object. Get creative with editing and in-app camera tricks, and watch it pay off!

Creative Tip 02

Re-imagine all the possibilities

A story can be told in a million ways. TikTok’s community loves to break convention and remix or re-enact stories in unique ways. This way, a proven trend or high-performing original can still inspire new content down the line. Elevate your original idea to ensure recognition, but give it a twist and watch how powerful it can be. Consider musical remixes or non-musical adaptations on tv shows or movies. Remember that TikTok is cross-generational, so content that’s relatable across different ages is more likely to win.

Creative Tip 03

Better together - collaborate with Stitch, Duet, and more

The sense of community and connectivity on TikTok is unparalleled. Brands and creators co-exist as equals, which means the collaboration possibilities are endless! In order to maximize reach, engagement, and conversion on TikTok, collaboration is key. Plus, it’s a great way to form more genuine bonds with audiences.

Try the React, Respond, and Remix strategy: React to viral content; Respond to viral questions or prompts; and Remix trending ideas with Creators to get more traction.

Key Takeaways

Leverage clever, memorable transitions and visual effects to captivate your audiences.

Re-imagine and re-enact your story in unique ways to elevate your original idea, and keep building on the engagement.

Harness the power of creators and community by collaborating with Stitch, Duet, and more.

Learn more about our creative solutions today with the new Creative Solutions Finder here!

  1. Internal Data, Global, October 2022
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