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Creative StrategiesBeauty On TikTok 2024

Beauty On TikTok 2024

Mar 15,2024
NIna Zhang
Creative Guidance

Beauty used to be about perfection, adoration and impossible dreams, then along came TikTok, and now it’s about creativity and joy.

Beauty on TikTok is all about spreading joy, showcasing skills and celebrating everyone. TikTok is a place to unearth the next big thing in beauty.

On TikTok, beauty is diverse, it’s fun and it’s for everyone.

Did you know that…

Beauty Hashtags: #beautymusthaves, #makeuptips, #hairhacksandtips, #makeuptutorial, #makeuproutine, #makeupchallenge

Pro Tip: Tap into your audience’s passion for beauty tips by sharing your favourite product hacks straight from your business. Try makeup tutorials highlighting your key benefits and unique selling points.

TikTok is an information network when it comes to beauty. Eight in ten users seek out reccomendations in a way of tips, tricks and advice.

On TikTok, there is a beauty corner for everyone

Beauty is diverse and a wide variety of content flourishes on the platform.

And it’s also where the products sell out

The most popular beauty products on TikTok.

For more details please visit TikTok Creative Center.

The most frequently mentioned pain points in beauty ads.

The most popular selling points in beauty ads.

The best approach to build brand equity and drive action is to find the right product equation.

Pair a premium video product with always on in-feed ads for maximum results.

What to keep in mind when creating TikToks:

-Be Inclusive

-Be Real

-Be Fun

-Be Proactive

-Be Native

-Be Personal

Thought Starter #1

TikTok Your Star

We always enjoy an ad with the appearance of a lovely celebrity. But how to make it more relevant to our TikTok audiences?

Well, let her/him show in a TikTok style! Wether it’s a hilarious skit, a captivating ASMR, or even a trendy TikTok dance, they all will help the brand leave a more profound impression.

Thought Starter #2

Invite TikTok Star to Your world

It’s a good surprise for TikTok community when we see a TikTok star we love&trust is collaborating with a brand we have known or used for years.

It will help build deeper brand trust and loyalty, and drive higher buying intentions in the meantime.

Thought Starter #3

Dive into our community

Partner with a mass amount of the most common beauty creators on the platform, let them try and test your product and give the most honest feedback.

It can be product reviews, makeup tutorials, daily routines etc.

Thought Starter #4

Inspire the community

The brand takes the lead and uses the connotation of its products to inspire, influence, and encourage people in the community to discover and share beautiful things and people around.

Lancome (#myidols)

Thought Starter #5

Cross-modal partnerships

By translating their beauty experience in a digital world, the lines between the beauty community and adjacent communities are merging.

Skincare x #Health, #Relationship, #Selfcare Makeup x #Gaming, #Cosplay, #Witchtok

Thought Starter #6

Behind The Scenes

Shooting a commercial, producing/packing products or working scenes of the staff are all content that helps reveal the brand’s charm from another aspect.

Thought Starter #7

Bring out the expertise

Introducing the product formula, explaining the science behind, collaborating with a trustworthy dermatologist on the platform, this kind of information will help people make decisions from overwhelming options.

Thought Starter #8

Enter the sustainable world

Skintok is facilitating the community’s curiosity around sustainability. Through BTS content and UGC skincare brands are participating in the shift towards a more sustainable future

Thought Starter #9

Diversity matters

If your product is not only for one small specific group, show it to your audience!

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