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Creative StrategiesCreative Wins on TikTok #AllAroundAPAC

Creative Wins on TikTok #AllAroundAPAC

May 14,2024
Jonathan Lim, Creative Strategist APAC. Trisha Choo, Marcoms APAC
Creative Guidance

The first half of the year sees some of the region's creative hardhitters knocking it out of the park with highly entertaining campaigns that push the creative boundaries on TikTok. Here's what we learned from the best of the best.

How ModiBodi reimagined storytelling
with TikTok's communities

🏆 Greatest Creative Campaign at the TikTok Ad Awards AUNZ

Client: ModiBodi | Creative Agency: Howatson+Company

Modibodi and Howatson+Company collaborated on a TikTok series called 'I'm Dying Inside' to launch Modibodi's Gen Z collection, ModiBasics. Starring TikTok comedian Samantha Andrew, the series explores modern period experiences, from endometriosis flare-ups to period mishaps. Modibodi leaned into a unique creative approach for TikTok with a writer's room behind the scenes, pivoting a traditional storytelling format into 48 pieces of short content that included trends, behind-the-scenes, and a full mini series that got the communities invested in their message – and product.

Creative Tip...

To make your content instantly native to TikTok, dive in head first into working with creators. Creators are gateways to turn a single message into numerous unique stories, which can help your brand instantly click with the passions of your communities – at scale! To find creators that suit your brand, get started with TikTok Creator Marketplace.

How McDonald's remixed the popular ASMR trend to bring sizzle to their 500 Yen Meal

🏆 Grand Prix for Best Innovation at the TikTok Ad Awards Japan

Client: McDonald's Japan | Creative Agency: Dentsu Japan

To reach younger audiences, McDonald’s wanted to innovate beyond traditional fast food advertising. To convey the tantalising satisfaction of the 500 Yen meal, they worked with Dentsu Japan to bring the sizzle of their ingredients to life on TikTok. The idea hones in on the popular ASMR trend with simple, minimal photography to create a fresh and sensorial experience. Here, McDonald's proved that through creative ingenuity, even the simplest creative concept can lead to strong reactions – and even better results.

Creative Tip...

When it comes to creating volume on TikTok, it pays to experiment with variety. For example, through the adoption of trends, sounds and even use of creators from adjacent communities, you can create endless versions of an idea to make it relevant to your audiences. If you need a hand in making content for TikTok, co-create with production partners on TikTok Creative Exchange.

How SG Enable leaned into humour to build connections for people with disabilities

Shortlisted in Best Branding at TikTok Ad Awards Singapore

Client: SGEnable | Creative Agency: TBWA Singapore & TBWA SMP

To help a nation get past the awkwardness of interacting with people with disabilities, SG Enable worked with TBWA to create TikTok-native interviews between the general public and two persons with disabilities. The campaign addressed Frequently Awkward Questions that people think about but are often too polite to ask, generating unexpectedly hilarious responses that charmed the local TikTok community.

Creative Tip...

To understand what resonates with the local communities, jump on Creative Center to discover insights, trending hashtags and music. Need a brainstorm? You can also chat with Creative Assistant to generate more TikTok scripts and ideas.

Ready for your own creative win on TikTok?

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