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TikTok Symphony Assistant

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Interactive Add-on

Add innovative interactions and unique effects to make your ads more informative and enjoyable.

Grow Your Engagement

Click-through Rate+27%
Engagement rate+15%
Boost ad click-through rates

The interactions guide is available to invite users to engage with the ad through novel interactions.

Shake Surprise

Gesture: Shake your phone

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Gesture: Slide

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Add Surprise Pop-ups

Click-through Rate+12%
Boost ad click-through rates

Use a surprise pop-up to create memorable moments during user interactions


Gesture: Tap "Like" icon

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Countdown Sticker

Gesture: Non-needed

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Multi-video Screen

More Videos Views+30%
Engagement rate+1%

Supports the display of multiple videos in one ad to better tell your brand story.

Story Selection

Gesture: Tap play button

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