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Content HubWhat's Next: Shopping Trend Report

What's Next: Shopping Trend Report

Aug 10,2023
Global Trends Team
General Trends

The What’s Next Trend Report is back! This time, we’re focusing on shopping and the incredible impact that building a loyal community can have on a brand’s business. With key trends, insights, and examples powered by creators and consumers, our What's Next: Shopping Trend Report provides turnkey content recommendations to inform how brands should engage their audience on TikTok when it comes to shopping.

Brand friendships are the key to driving repeat purchases on TikTok.

Driving brand loyalty is no longer just about being human. Brands on TikTok that act as friends - listening, speaking the community's lingo, adding value to their audiences' lives, and growing together - will grab shoppers' share of mind, heart, and wallet. Like any great relationship, the findings of the What's Next: Shopping Trend Report are broken down into three key 'Layers of Love': It’s a Match, Getting to Know You, Growing Together.

We partnered with TikTok creator, Atikhun Kanjanakaset (@atikhunk), a fashion and anime fanatic, to get his perspective on how shopping has evolved on the platform, and how brands can connect with new audiences and creators.

What else is in the report?

The report dives into our broader Trend Forces in more detail, outlining:

  • Trend examples that showcase emerging user behaviors and values in the shopping community
  • Global research on key expectations and attitudes among TikTok users
  • Product solutions and creative thought starters to help marketers plan their next shopping-related TikTok video
  • Learn more about how we define trends at TikTok and our Speeds of Culture methodology here.

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