TikTok App ID
Last updated, May 2024

The TikTok App ID is a unique code that's generated in TikTok Ads Manager. This is how TikTok advertisers confirm ownership of their apps which unlocks advertising features and ensures advertiser control over their data.

Once you have generated the unique code, you will just need to paste it in your Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) dashboard to complete the process.

Verification using TikTok App ID is required for some self-serve ad accounts, and recommended for managed ad accounts. Please see this help center article for more information.

Product Benefits

TikTok App ID will ensure that advertisers have control over their data while also giving access to additional features including:

  • ​Use unattributed events for Data Management Platform (DMP) audience creation

  • ​Use unattributed events for App Retargeting and DPA re-engagement for select advertisers

  • ​See unattributed events size in Events Manager via a new column, "Total Unattributed Events"

  • ​For some advertisers, verification via TikTok App ID will be required before you can make iOS 14 dedicated campaigns. If you fall into this bucket, you will see an in-product notification guiding you through the process.



  1. ​Navigate to Events Manager.

  2. ​Click on your App.

  3. ​Generate your TikTok App ID -- see TikTok Events Manager screenshot below.

  4. ​Note that once you have Generated TTAID, your status will change from Unverified to Pending Verification.

    1. ​Your status will remain as Pending Verification till you have entered the TTAID on your MMP dashboard, AND TikTok has received at least one event with the TikTok App ID.

    2. ​Paste the TikTok App ID into your MMP dashboard -- see your MMP dashboard screenshot below

  5. ​You should see the Verified label appear on your app page in Events Manager. This will happen when advertisers send an event back to TikTok - whether it's attributed or unattributed - after correctly implementing the TikTok App ID.

Note: For MMPs that are not listed below, their solutions are not ready. Please reach out to them for more details on timelines.

For MMPs that require TikTok App ID in their UI and are not yet available, please enter "N/A" for now. Once TikTok App ID is launched for these MMPs, you will be able to go in and change this to the proper TikTok App ID.


1.​TikTok Events Manager -- Generate TikTok App ID

TikTok App ID-TikTok Events Manager-JPG

2. Add TikTok App ID In MMP dashboard

TikTok App ID-Adjust-JPG

TikTok App ID-Airbridge-JPG

TikTok App ID-AppsFlyer-JPG
TikTok App ID-Branch-JPG

DFINERY (Adbrix)
TikTok App ID-DFINERY (Adbrix)-JPG

TikTok App ID-Kochava-JPG

TikTok App ID-Singular-JPG

TikTok App ID-Tenjin-JPG

3.​TikTok Events Manager -- App ID Verification

After successfully completing TikTok App ID implementation, you will see Verified label for your app.

Important considerations

Only Admins in the account can generate the TikTok App ID

  • ​This is to ensure only owners of accounts can verify apps.

Send all unattributed events to TikTok:

  • ​This will help you create more detailed audiences while also giving downstream systems more optimization signals. This is especially important for recovering and mitigating iOS 14 performance fluctuations.

TikTok App ID may be required to create dedicated iOS 14 campaigns and you may be required to send unattributed events to TikTok to complete the implementation

  • ​This specifically applies to self-serve ad accounts that want to run iOS14 Dedicated campaigns. If this applies to you, you will see a banner in the TikTok UI.

  • ​Please turn on the unattributed events in your MMP for TikTok. If you like, you can turn the unattributed events off once the Verified logo has appeared on your TikTok app page in Events Manager.

On the MMP side, there will be a single TikTok App ID input box per Operating System:

  • ​This means that all settings are at the per app & per operating system level.

  • ​All advertisers must enter the iOS TikTok App ID in the MMP dashboard for the iOS version of their app, and the Android TikTok App ID in the MMP dashboard for the Android version.

Instructions for Multi-Account advertisers:

  • ​You will need to enter the TikTok app IDs as comma separated values (tiktok_app_id1, tiktok_app_id2, ...) into the MMP TikTok App ID field.

Troubleshooting best practices

  • ​In order to be verified, TikTok needs to receive an event to verify the advertiser.

    • ​Advertisers can send either an attributed or unattributed event to TikTok.

    • ​If advertisers are not spending or blocked from spending (eg can't create a DC if you are a self-serve advertiser), they must turn on unattributed events to get verified.

    • ​After the TikTok App ID is verified, they can turn off unattributed events (please note: it's recommended all advertisers turn on unattributed events since it will unlock additional features and likely increase performance).

  • ​"Pending Verification" means that the advertiser has generated the TikTok App ID, not that it has been entered correctly on the MMP side

    • ​Advertisers will need to make sure they enter the TikTok App ID generated from TikTok correctly in the MMP dashboard to get "verified"

  • ​Make sure advertisers are using the TikTok App ID and not their App store ID, TikTok Adv ID, etc.

    • ​Some advertisers have been putting in their app store ID or their advertiser ID instead of the TikTok App ID. If this happens, advertisers will not be verified