What is a Catalog?
Last updated, May 2024

A catalog is an asset that allows you to store information about the products you want to promote on TikTok. When you create a catalog, you can create Video Shopping Ads (for Catalog) that show specific products with up-to-date information about each product, such as price, availability, sizes, and more.

About Catalogs-JPG

Using a catalog is a great solution for anyone looking for an efficient way to create and manage ads that feature a variety of products, such as an online retailer.

Creating a catalog enables you to do the following:

  • Upload key information about your products directly to TikTok Ads Manager, including names, descriptions, prices, images, videos, and more.

  • Manage your products by creating product sets and automated rules to customize the information about your products.

  • Generate custom videos for all products in your catalog using our Video Template and Dynamic Video Generator tool.

You can create catalogs on TikTok Ads Manager, or one of TikTok's partners, including: