About TikTok Brand Lift Studies
Last updated, May 2024

Before getting started: TikTok Brand Lift Studies can only be set up by your account manager. For more information, please contact your sales representative.

A TikTok Brand Lift Study is an experiment that runs alongside your sponsored content. It is a simple and effective way to measure the incremental brand impact of your campaign's on TikTok.

When you run a TikTok Brand Lift Study, we will create two randomized groups from a portion of your campaign's target audience: an Exposed Group that sees your promoted content and a Control Group that does not.

We will then use a combination of polling and statistical techniques to measure the difference in key performance indicators, like awareness and ad recall, between the two groups, which can be attributed to your advertising.

You can run this type of experiment for a single campaign or all of your TikTok promoted content. No matter how you decide to set up your TikTok Brand Lift Study, it will help you answer questions like:

  • ​What is the baseline awareness of your brand on TikTok?

  • ​Does your sponsored content drive purchase intent?

  • ​Which creatives resonate most with your target audience?

The answers to these questions will help you optimize your next TikTok campaign.

While a TikTok Brand Lift Study can be used across a variety of business scenarios, there are some things that you should consider when setting one up:

  • ​Align your survey questions with your creative and what you're trying to learn about your brand or product.

  • ​Include all active TikTok campaigns in your study.

  • ​Provide your account manager with the Campaign IDs of your recent campaigns to ensure the Control Group has not seen your sponsored content before.

To run a TikTok Brand Lift Study, please contact your account manager to get started.