About Self-Attribution Transition

What is Self-Attributing Network (Beta)?

TikTok's Self-Attributing Network (SAN) (also referred to as "Advanced SRN" on AppsFlyer) is a new, separate Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) network integration with improved functionality that gives advertisers better visibility into TikTok's true contribution to app performance campaign outcomes. Conversions can be more accurately recognised by TikTok and reported in TikTok Ads Manager, without any impact on existing advertiser MMP final attribution logic.

We will be transitioning all existing advertisers across to self-attribution through 2023, and our legacy MMP integrations will be deprecated at a later date.

Availability and Getting Started

Self-attributing MMP beta integrations are available on the following MMPs for all app advertisers. To get started on the beta, refer to one of the MMP help center articles below, and reach out to both your TikTok sales representative and MMP representative to request setup support.

*Automated setup support is available for most MMPs. Reach out to your MMP sales representative for more information.

Transitioning to Self-Attribution

As a new, separate network in the MMP, self-attribution will be progressively enabled from August 2023 for advertisers who have set up their new integrations ahead of time. To prepare for this transition:

  1. Set up the new TikTok for Business SAN integration in your MMP, and ensure that all event mapping, sharing options, and attribution windows are the same as the legacy, non-SAN integration. We recommend reaching out to your MMP for support on this step. Note that this does not immediately transition your app to Self-Attribution (see step 4 for details), so do not disconnect the legacy integration at this time.

  2. Configure attribution windows in Attribution Manager for App. If you are unable to access or configure windows in Attribution Manager for App, reach out to your TikTok sales representative or file an App Tracking Athena ticket.

  3. Ensure that MMP tracking links are also configured where available in App Events Manager to ensure a smooth transition.

  4. Transitions will roll out gradually from August 2023 for advertisers who have set up their new integrations. You will receive an email notification a week before this happens to ensure full visibility. Until this happens, events will continue to show up under the legacy network.

    • After the transition, newly attributed conversions will start showing up in the new network. Cost and impression data, as well as in-app events credited to older installs may still display in the legacy network. Do not disconnect the legacy network.

Best Practices

  • If you are using any external reporting platforms or BI tools that rely on MMP network reporting, ensure that these external integrations are also updated to receive data from the new SAN integration.

  • Enable postbacks for unattributed events during setup. When shared with TikTok, these events provide our backend systems with more signals for optimization and can be used downstream for Data Management Platform (DMP) audience creation and retargeting.

  • Grant Ad Network Permissions visibility for TikTok to help troubleshoot any setup issues

  • Performance-related metrics like conversions and clicks may fluctuate on the day of transition due to the change in attribution. This is expected and will stabilise quickly.