About TopView
Last updated, May 2024

TopView is a video ad that is shown to users upon opening TikTok. Shown before any other TikTok video, TopView is a high-impact, full-screen, and sound-on video that showcases your brand.

The TopView experience launches with a 3-second video takeover before re-introducing the native in-feed video experience with icons and interaction elements. Following the 3-second takeover, TopView engages audiences with multiple interactions and destinations, including like, comment, share, brand account homepage visit, music page visit, and more.

First 3-second takeover:

About TopView - takeover fullscreen

Transition to in-feed video:

About TopView - in-feed transition

Note: TopView is currently only available to qualified customers. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Why choose TopView

TopView is the first video on TikTok

Engage audiences with a Times Square billboard in a user's pocket. As TikTok's most premium video ad format, TopView showcases your brand immediately when users open TikTok. Capitalize on the upfront placement to tell your brand's story in a splashy moment.

TopView tells your brand stories in an immersive and highly-engaging way

TikTok users are 1.5x more likely to recall a brand from TopView than other ad types.¹ In a Kantar study of ads across various platforms, 70% of users said they were more likely to share content about brands they discover on TopView compared to other ad formats, and 68% of users said they were more likely to click on TopView ads compared to other ad formats.²

TopView allows you to own the day with guaranteed impressions

TopView is the best choice for brands to promote tentpole branding or product launch moments when brands want to reach vast numbers of TikTok users within a 24-hour period. Impressions purchased on TopView are completely guaranteed and allow you to "own the day" by buying out TopView impressions to maximize your brand impact.

How to purchase TopView?

TopView is purchased on a CPM buying basis, which enables you to customize audience targeting to control who sees the ads. Depending on your market, the minimum spend varies and you may be provided with either a fixed rate by a TikTok sales representative or market-derived dynamic CPMs using Campaign Forecaster in TikTok Ads Manager. We are continuing to expand availability of dynamic CPMs.

You can check up to 225 days outwards of available inventory status through your TikTok sales representatives, or with Campaign Forecaster if dynamic CPMs are available in your market. You can book the number of impressions based on targeting setting through TikTok sales representatives. All inventory is sold on a first come, first serve basis. For 100% impression campaigns, we advise that you book at least 60 days in advance to increase the likelihood of all impressions being available on the desired campaign date.

What core product capabilities does TopView support?

TopView can offer users different experiences with its product capabilities:

  • Reach predictability: TopView supports reach predictability by providing you with an estimated campaign reach and frequency range based on their campaign settings during the planning stage, allowing you to effectively plan and book their TopView campaigns. Note: Forecasted reach is an estimated range and not guaranteed. Forecasted reach is currently not available in the US.

  • Audience targeting: TopView enables you to build and reach your audiences with 5 targeting categories including gender, interest, language, OS, and age targeting, allowing brands to build and reach their audience in TikTok's most premium ad slot.

  • Interactive add-on: TopView supports multiple formats of Interactive Add-ons, including Shake Surprise (TopView-exclusive add-on format) and Super Like for more creativity.

  • Ad formats: TopView ads can support Spark Ads and Non-Spark Ads formats.

  • Sound on: TopView ads play with the sound on.

  • Diverse destinations: TopView supports web-view pages and direct links to TikTok’s internal pages such as Hashtag page, Branded Effect, account page, video page, and more.

Please see more information regarding TopView ad specifications.


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  2. TikTok Global Business Marketing, US Ad Format Performance Study September 2020, conducted by Kantar.