About the video views objective
Last updated, July 2024

The video views objective allows you to drive brand impact by targeting users in the TikTok feed who pay greater attention to your ad. The video views objective is recommended when you want to go beyond audience reach and show your ad to users that are more likely to show interest in the video. Because of TikTok's uniquely engaging platform that has demonstrated longer view times and immersiveness, we optimize the video views objective with the focused view metric.

How it works

Selecting the video views objective optimizes your ad for a metric called focused view, which counts a view if a user either:

  • Watches the ad for more than 6 seconds, which counts for our "6s focused view" metric, or for more than 15 seconds, which counts for our "15s focused view" metric.

    • Note: The 15s focused view optimization is available to select clients. Please contact your TikTok sales representative to learn more.

  • Interacts with the ad, including Like, Follow, Share, Click, Hashtag Click, Music Click, Anchor Click, and Interactive Add-on Activity Click.

The bidding method for video views objective will be cost per focused view. Note: Interactions that happen within the first second of the video are not counted towards a focused view and will be excluded in billing using the video view objective. Focused view ad group frequency will be capped to under 7 times per 7 days.