Commercial Music Library
Last updated, May 2024

What is the Commercial Music Library?

Empowering marketers to bring their brand personalities to life through the power of music and sound, the TikTok Commercial Music Library (CML) is a pre-cleared global music library of 1 million songs that helps make it easier for brands to find music to soundtrack their content on TikTok. The CML spans all styles, genres, and regions, with songs sourced from independent and emerging artists, as well as top-tier music houses, free for businesses to use.

Who can use the Commercial Music Library?

The Commercial Music Library is for TikTok users that use TikTok for marketing, advertising, sponsorships, endorsements, or publicity, including official brand accounts, their promotional partners and creators, NGOs, and government organizations. You can also use the Commercial Music Library for organic and paid content.

Currently, the Commercial Music Library is available globally.

When should you use the Commercial Music Library?

Creators should use the Commercial Music Library for branded content or content for their own commercial purposes.

Businesses need to use the CML for all TikTok activities, including:

  1. ​All organic content

  2. ​Launching advertisements

  3. ​Branded Content

Where and how can I use Commercial Music Library?

Commercial Music Library sounds are available in the TikTok Sounds library for all users. All of the sounds in the Commercial Music Library are licensed worldwide, and available for unlimited use within TikTok’s ecosystem.

Like all TikTok users, you’re pre-cleared to use Commercial Sounds from the Commercial Music Library in your organic TikTok videos and ads served by TikTok Ads Manager.

How to use Commercial Music Library through in-app

  1. ​From your mobile app, navigate to Add sound.

  2. ​Click Commercial Sounds.

  3. ​From the Commercial Sounds section, you'll see Discover and Favorites.

  4. ​Scroll throughout Commercial Sounds to select your desired sound.

How to use Commercial Music Library on desktop

Please note that music offerings may differ on this platform.

  1. ​From any web browser, navigate to our online library via this URL:

  2. ​Select the market where your campaign will run to see if the Commercial Sounds are available in that specific region.

  3. ​Explore, browse, and listen to the various Commercial Sounds in the audio library to find the right sound for your video. You will be able to search by keyword, genre, theme, mood, and duration.

  4. ​Once the Commercial Sounds have been identified, brands can use the Commercial Sounds for organic/auction content.

Commercial Music Library - Creative Center

Commercial Music Library features in Creative Center

Within the Creative Center, you can navigate the Commercial Music Library using various filters and views to easily find suitable music.

Two selections are shown: All music and Playlist. On the All music page, you can see recommend playlists on the top. Also, you can see a list of pre-cleared commercial music, and filter them by region, usable placements, themes, genre, mood, and duration.

You can choose the region first, and recommend playlists for your region will be shown on the top, and their popularity ranks the displayed Top Music. To view more playlists, click Recommended Playlists or the Playlist selection at the top. You can also search for music by inputting the music name and artist name in the search box to accurately search.

Currently, up to 10,000 Commercial Sounds can be displayed at a time.

You can use different filters on the left for fuzzy search to find a specific music collection more efficiently.

Terms of Commercial Music Library

These terms apply if you use sounds from TikTok that are licensed for commercial use and available in the Commercial Music Library in the TikTok mobile or web app, also known as "Commercial Sounds".

Commercial Sounds are made available to you whether you are an individual, brand, business, commercial entity, advertiser, or other entity that wants to include a Commercial Sound into a video for commercial uses, such as, but not limited to:

  • ​The association of a Commercial Sound with your brand, logo or trademark or other brand-identifying characteristics.

  • ​Advertising, marketing, endorsing, sponsoring, or publicizing a product and/or service (“Commercial Videos”) on the software application branded "TikTok" and any version or adaptation thereof which offers lesser features and/or functionality (the "Platform").

By using the Commercial Sounds in Commercial Videos on the Platform, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

  • ​You may only show or share Commercial Videos with incorporated Commercial Sounds created on the Platform (in all cases unedited, and inclusive of TikTok Content such as TikTok logos, etc.) within the Platform and using the share feature on the Platform. Any uses of Commercial Videos outside of the scope including, but not limited to television, radio, or theatrical media, are strictly prohibited and require you to obtain separate permission directly from the Commercial Sound rights owners.

  • ​You should not make available, distribute, or perform the Commercial Sounds from the Commercial Sound Page separately from the Commercial Videos into which you have incorporated these Commercial Sound files (for example, standalone distribution of the Commercial Sound files is not permitted).

  • ​You should not use Commercial Sounds from this library in an illegal manner, in connection with any illegal content, and/or in violation of the Terms.

The Commercial Sounds are the only musical materials made available on the service for the specific business or commercial uses set forth in these Commercial Sound Guidelines. Otherwise, no rights are licensed for other sound recordings, and the musical works embodied are made available from or through the service.

Can I still use original sounds or license Commercial Sounds from elsewhere?

Business Accounts are not blocked from using original sounds that other users upload, but please note that TikTok has not cleared these sounds to use for commercial purposes. If you choose to use original sound in your organic or paid content, consult your legal team to ensure you have obtained a proper license.


  • ​Business Accounts cannot duet, react, or stitch with user videos that use sounds from the general music library.

  • ​Alternatively, Business Accounts may duet, react, or stitch with user videos that use Commercial Sounds from the Commercial Music Library or Original Sounds.