About Creative Center
Last updated, July 2024

TikTok For Business Creative Center is a free, public home to an ever-growing suite of creative resources where you can discover the latest trends, ad examples, best practices, and tools to create effective TikTok ads. Creative Center includes hubs for inspiration and tools to optimize your creatives.


Not sure where to start or what to do creatively on TikTok? Use the Inspiration tab to find examples of high-performing ads, keywords, patterns, and products to spark your next TikTok creative idea.

  1. Top Ads is a collection of high-performing creatives from the TikTok platform. Dive into any Top Ad to learn more about its performance to help you easily find the most successful engagement moment in the video. Learn more about Top Ads.

  2. Keyword Insights is an insights tool that highlights top keywords and phrases from TikTok ads to inspire users with ad copy and creative messaging ideas. Use Keyword Insights to discover ways to articulate your business's value proposition, as well as save time and resources when ideating for your next TikTok ad. Learn more about Keyword Insights.

  3. Creative Insights is a set of data-backed ads insights to help you understand which elements in a creative can make the difference. Within Creative Insights, Creative Patterns help you know which video styles, visual elements, and components are driving performance, and Best Practices are research-based core creative insights for developing effective TikTok ads. Learn more about Creative Insights.

  4. Top Products highlights trending products featured in TikTok ads to help advertisers identify which products to showcase in their creatives. Browse commonly-featured and top-converting products in your respective region/country and category, and also see real ad examples that feature the product.


Trends displays trending hashtags, songs, creators, and videos by region and industry. Track and leverage trends to see how you can tap into what's trending on TikTok in your organic and paid messaging strategies. Learn more about Trends.

Creative Tools

Need help making your TikTok ad creative? Under Creative Tools, leverage free tools to help build, edit, or mockup a video, as well as find and select audio cleared for commercial use in TikTok ads.

  1. Video Editor is a video editing tool that gives you the freedom to edit and customize your content with TikTok styled elements, including royalty-free music, text fonts, text colors, creative dimensions and more. Learn more about Video Editor.

  2. Video Templates provides you with various ad templates to quickly make a customized video by simply selecting a template and uploading existing photos, texts, and videos. Learn more about the Video Template tool.

  3. The Interactive Add-on page showcases innovative interactions and unique effects to make your ads more informative and enjoyable. The Interactive Add-on Mockup Tool helps you preview the Interactive Add-ons to see how your ads will look once live. Learn more about Interactive Add-ons and about the Interactive Add-on Mockup Tool.

  4. Script Generator is a tool that generates ad scripts leveraging the power of smart technology, providing you with ad script ideas in a matter of seconds. Provide your industry, product name and description, and Script Generator generates ad scripts broken out into scenes, with on-screen visual, voiceover, and text-overlay recommendations. Learn how to use the Script Generator.

  5. Commercial Music Library is a searchable directory of audio cleared for commercial use in TikTok ads. Filter for various themes, genres, moods, and durations to find the most suitable track for your ad, and also check out the Playlist page to quickly find music collections with different popular themes. Learn more about the Commercial Music Library.


The Education section includes creative tips and best practices content for being successful on TikTok. Browse snackable tips by industry or topic or delve into thorough, data-backed creative playbooks.

  1. Creative Tips Finder includes the foundations of the TikTok Creative Codes, six creative principles to help brands make effective ads. Once you've mastered the foundations, explore tips to level up your video production. Learn more about the Creative Tips Finder.

  2. Creative Strategies is a knowledge hub packed with creative playbooks by vertical and tips for creating made-for-TikTok content. Learn more about the Creative Strategies hub.

Creative Assistant

TikTok Creative Assistant is your virtual assistant for creating on TikTok. Creative Assistant draws information from a wealth of TikTok ads-focused creative knowledge to provide responses covering TikTok creative inspiration, insights, script generation and refinement, best practices and solution recommendations. Learn more about Creative Assistant.

Personal Profile

While login is not required to access Creative Center, we recommend logging into Creative Center to take advantage of and see all of its features, data, and insights. From your Personal Profile page, you can manage your favorite collections of Top Ads under My Collections, your Top Ads authorization (if applicable) under Ad Authorization Management, and any assets created using video editing tools under Material Library.