About Promote on TikTok
Last updated, May 2024

Promote is a full-funnel, lightweight advertising tool found within the TikTok app. It allows you to quickly boost content with a few taps. Consider Promote for boosting:

  • Your content, including videos, LIVEs, and photo posts

  • User-generated content

  • Content with product links from your affiliate sellers to gain brand awareness and drive sales

Promote features

With Promote, you can optimize your ads for specific objectives for your marketing needs. Whether you are looking to build your brand awareness, generate more leads, or increase sales, Promote's objectives can help you with your business goals.

Upper-funnel objectives:

  • More video views

  • More LIVE views

  • More followers

  • More profile views

Lower-funnel objectives:

  • More messages

  • More website visits

  • More phone calls

  • More product purchases

Promote provides you with performance analytics for your campaign, including:

  • The number of your video views

  • The number of likes, comments, and shares for your video

  • How many people visited your website link

  • The age and gender of the people interacting with your video

How to find Promote in-app

You can get to the Promote tool in several different ways: from Creator Tools or Business Suite, from a TikTok video, or from your own LIVE.

  • 1) From a TikTok video you want to Promote:

    Find Promote from in a TikTok video gif

  • 2) From your Creator tools or Business suite:

    Find Promote in Business Suite or Creator Tools gif

  • 3) From your own LIVE:

    • Before LIVE:

      Find Promote Before LIVE gif

    • During LIVE:

      Find Promote during LIVE gif

  • 4) Promote again:

    Find Promote using Promote Again gif

Starter tips for Promote

  • We recommend Promoting a video that already has strong organic performance.

  • Try upper funnel objectives like "More video views" to first build brand awareness and "More followers" to gain a following base of potential customers for your account. At this stage, we recommend using a broad audience to target to cast a wide net. After figuring out your target audience, feel free to adjust the settings to narrow down to a specific audience.

  • Test various types of content with different objectives to discover what gives you the best results.

  • Use lower funnel objectives like "more messages" for generating leads or for TikTok Shop Sellers use "More product purchases" to increase sales.

Integrating Promote with TikTok Ads Manager

You can gain the full suite of user engagement and ad management solutions when you integrate Promote with TikTok Ads Manager. TikTok Ads Manager features include:

  • Diverse sets of ad formats and customization

  • Powerful ad creation and management

  • Sophisticated audience targeting

  • Full-funnel measurement and custom reporting

  • A wide array of creative tools

After integration, you'll get access to more lower funnel conversions on Promote (coming soon), a shared fund pool between the two platforms for easy top ups, a seamless mobile-to-desktop experience, and all-in-one campaign, reporting, and budget management. Learn more about Advertising on TikTok Ads Manager.

Note: To gain access to these features, eligible accounts will be notified in the Promote dashboard. Otherwise, please contact your TikTok sales representative.

Learn how to excel with Promote

Get the most out of Promote's features and use cases. For guides, best practices, and more support, please use the in-app Promote tools and resources.

Promote policies

Content in TikTok Promote campaigns must follow both the TikTok Community Guidelines and the TikTok Advertising Policies for ad creative and landing pages. Note: TikTok Advertising Policies prohibit the use of some content categories in ads and Promote campaigns that would otherwise be allowed in TikTok Community Guidelines, including political- and issue-based content, military content, smoking and tobacco-related content, and more.