What's the Community Interaction objective
Last updated, February 2024

With the Community Interaction objective, advertisers can build and nurture their connections with one of the most valuable communities that exists today - the TikTok community. Select Community Interaction in TikTok Ads Manager to drive deeper connections with the TikTok community.

There are currently two optimizations under Community Interaction:

  • ​Follower optimization: Drive follower growth

  • Page Visit optimization: Increase traffic to different landing pages that clients own on Tiktok

    • Profile pages

    • Hashtag Pages

    • Playlist pages

    • Music pages

Note: Page optimization towards Hashtag Pages, Playlist pages, and Music pages are currently under beta testing and requires allowlisting. Please reach out to your sales team for details.

A stronger community presence on TikTok can lead to positive outcomes

Investing in your TikTok community can give your brand a serious edge over your competitors.

  • ​TikTok followers pack a serious punch:

    • ​1.9x more likely to like, share, or comment on your brand's videos.

    • ​2.5x more likely to take future conversion actions with your brand.

    • ​5.4x longer viewers of your brand's livestream.

  • The average video engagement rate for Business Accounts with greater than 1 million followers is 15% greater than that of those with less than 1 million followers.

  • ​Once you've built a solid TikTok community, you can create custom audiences for lookalikes and retargeting with Business Account Audiences.

    • We recommend a minimum of 10,000 or more followers before using a Business Account Audience. Your results may vary based on audience size, settings, creative, and more.

When To Use Community Interaction

Community Interaction is the perfect tool for brands who are looking to take their TikTok presence to the next level. Once you select Community Interaction as your advertising objective, you will need to determine how to optimize your campaign.


Choose Follows as your optimization goal if:

  • You're a new business on TikTok and want to establish brand legitimacy in your space.

  • You want to ensure your brand stacks up against its competitors.

  • You want to establish a community for owned traffic & targeting purposes.

  • You want to supercharge your future livestreaming initiatives.

Page Visits

Choose Page Visits as your optimization goal if:

  • You want to lift views & interactions across your entire TikTok content through different pages.

  • You have new updates on your business that you want to share.

  • You want to use your TikTok pages as another channel to drive users down the marketing funnel.

Learn more about Page Visits optimization.

Getting Started with Community Interaction

To create a Community Interaction campaign, you will need to create a campaign, ad group, and ad on TikTok Ads Manager.

To create a Community Interaction campaign

  1. Create a campaign on TikTok Ads Manager and select Community Interaction as the advertising objective.

  2. Choose an optimization goal:

    • Follows

    • Page Visits - Optimize towards Profile pages, Hashtag Pages, Playlist pages, Music pages

      • Hashtag Pages, Playlist pages, and Music pages are currently under beta testing and requires allowlisting. Please reach out to your sales team for details.

  3. Define your target audience using TikTok Ads Manager's targeting tools.

  4. Enter your budget and choose a bid strategy.

  5. Select a TikTok Post to use in your ad.

  6. Publish

Tip: For a more streamlined Spark Ad creation process, consider Linking Your Business Account.

Best Practices for Community Interaction Campaigns

The community interaction objective is particularly effective for advertisers looking for paid strategies to supercharge their TikTok Business Account. Here are some tips to help you maximize your results:

Best Practice

Why it matters

Convert your profile to a TikTok Business Account.

- Business Accounts have access to enhanced features and analytics tools.•​Business Account linkage makes Spark ads creation easy

Blend Organic and Paid best practices for greatest results.

- 1+1 truly equals 3. Our research shows a positive "priming effect" on brand recall and attention in both directions (organic lifts paid and paid lifts organic).

- ​It's one thing to acquire followers, it's another to keep them engaged as members of your community. By taking full advantage of our organic and paid best practices, you'll see the greatest chance at success.

Aim High! More followers, more impact.

- We see a 15% higher average engagement rate for brand accounts with 1M followers or more.

Test and learn to set the pace

- Results can vary greatly by industry, region, targeting, and more. To gauge your expectation of performance, as well as what's working (or not), consider running tests and analyzing the results before scaling.

Give a strong reason for action in your creative

- ​Without a clear reason in your ad as to why you should get a follow, you're less likely to get the results you're looking for. Consider testing different creative approaches that convey your value.

- ​The best "reason" will look different for every brand - it could be humor, education, or simply asking for a follow!