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"Landing Page to Video" Tool
To help you create beautiful video ads from your landing pages, TikTok Ads Manager offers you the "Landing Page to Video" tool.

TikTok Ads Manager's "Landing Page to Video" tool will capture high-quality images of your landing page and then intelligently combine them with copyrighted music library to generate amazing video ads.

Advantages & Features

Below are the advantages of using this powerful tool:
  • Expand your video inventory
    • Generate batches of videos all with different styles at the same time.
    • Create videos in bulk and expand your video creative library.
    • Creating videos more easily allows you to produce videos faster for testing different creative.
  • Combine video effects and music
    • Rich video effects and transitions are automatically added to your videos between frames.
    • Video effects combine with a selection of 300+ copyrighted music tracks so the timing of the effects are seamlessly paired with the rhythm of the music.
  • Artificial Intelligence selects only the best images
    • Our AI does all the heavy lifting so you don't have to. It finds and takes only the cream of the crop images. Here's some things it avoids:
        • Excludes extreme pictures: Removes excessively wide or tall pictures.
        • Excludes indecent pictures: Removes indecent images (such as nudity) and other inappropriate pictures.
        • Excludes low-quality pictures: Removes pictures with no subjects/unclear pictures/pictures with too much text.
        • Excludes duplicate pictures: Only uses one image from multiple similar pictures.

Location & Steps

  1. Go to "Library" > "Creative" > "Create" > "Landing Page to Video"
  1. Enter your landing page URL, and click "Submit". The system will automatically generate 2 horizontal videos and 2 vertical videos using the images in your landing page. 
    1. To generate more videos, you can click "Generate More Videos" and the system will then add 2 more horizontal videos and 2 more vertical videos.
  1. You can click on the video to preview it. If you need to change pictures or music in the video, you can click "Edit Video" to proceed to the video editing page and replace the corresponding picture or music by uploading your own media.
  1. Select the videos you wish to save, and the videos will be automatically saved to "Library - Creative" for your ad delivery.

Best Practice

When we say landing page, we don't just mean the home page. Below are some ideas for how you can best utilize the Landing Page to Video tool on TikTok Ads Manager:
  • For e-commerce sites: you can use product categories pages or the product detail pages to generate videos.
  • For apps: you can use the app store download page, the official website, or the product promotion page to generate videos.