About the New App Promotion Advertising Objective
Last updated, October 2023

As part of our initiative to streamline the ad buying process and clarify the use case for each advertising objective, we have released the new App promotion Advertising objective, consolidating app install and conversion campaigns under one objective.

We designed the App promotion objective to help you get more users to install and engage with your app. The new App promotion objective replaces the functionality of app install and app conversion campaigns, making it the go-to advertising objective to promote your app via TikTok Ads Manager.

Key updates

With the App promotion advertising objective, you must select a Campaign type. App promotion supports the following Campaign types:

  • ​App install: Get new users to install and take action on your app.

  • App retargeting: Re-engage existing users to take action on your app.

The App install campaign type is identical to the previous App installs objective. And the App retargeting campaign type replaces the functionality of an app conversion campaign.

For App promotion campaigns, the iO14 dedicated campaign toggle is now at the campaign level instead of the ad group level.

About using the new advertising objective

You will see the new Advertising objectives on the campaign creation page.

Impact to ad delivery and in-flight campaigns

The updates to our suite of advertising objectives will not impact the delivery of any in-flight or future campaigns.

Impact to Bulk Import & Export

The bulk import feature supports the creation or edits of ads that use the App promotion or Web conversion objective.

Impact to Edit, Copy, Bulk functions

Some features related to the old objectives are no longer available, including:

  • Use Existing

  • Copy

  • Bulk: Create & Edit

  • Edit

Even though campaigns using old objectives can't be edited etc., they can still be turned on and off at this time.

Supported ad group settings

Ad Group settings

App promotion: App install

App Promotion: App retargeting Android & iOS 14.5 and lower

Placement & Format

- TikTok

- Pangle

- News Feed App

- TikTok

- ​Pangle

- News Feed App

Ad Format

- Non-Spark Ads

- Spark Ads

- Non-Spark Ads

- Spark Ads


- ​Custom targeting

- Automatic targeting

- Demographics: Location, Gender, Age, ​Language, Spending Power, Household Income​

- Custom audience

- Lookalike audience

- Interests & Behaviors

- Targeting Expansion

- Device

- Custom retargeting audience

- Demographics: Location, Gender, ​Age, ​Language, Spending Power, Household Income

- Interests & Behaviors

- Device

Optimization Goal

- Click

- ​Install

- AEO: ​Install with In-App Event, ​In-App Event

- ​Value

- AEO: In-App Event

- Value

Bidding Method

Bidding Methods are determined by Optimization Goal

- ​For Click: Bid Cap

- ​For Install or AEO: Cost Cap, Lowest Cost

- For Value: Highest Value, minROAS

Bidding Methods are determined by Optimization Goal

- ​For AEO: ​Cost Cap, Lowest Cost

- ​For Value: Highest Value, minROAS

Billing Events

Billing Events are determined by Optimization Goal

- ​CPC: Click

- oCPM: Install, AEO, Value

Billing Events are determined by Optimization Goal

- ​oCPM: AEO, Value