About advertising on TikTok Ads Manager
Last updated, May 2024

TikTok Ads Manager is a platform where you can create and manage ads on TikTok. You can launch ads and measure performance with TikTok ads manager.

When you create a TikTok Ads Manager account, you can use this platform to:

You can set a daily or lifetime budget that can be changed anytime throughout your campaign. A bid indicates the maximum you will pay for the actions you want users to take after they see your ads. Learn more about TikTok Ads Bidding & Optimization.

The location and format of how your ad is shown are called Placements. Your ads can appear in four places: In-feed, Detail Page, Post-roll, and Story. Before you begin, learn about TikTok Ads Placement to determine which placement is best for your campaign.

TikTok Ads Manager supports image and video formats. Ads can look different depending on the advertising objectives or ad placements you choose. For example, TikTok only supports video ads.