How to set up TikTok Pulse campaigns

This article explains the steps to set up TikTok Pulse campaigns. This feature enables you to run in-feed ads in the highly trending, engaging, and brand-safe content that make up the Top 4% of videos on platform. To learn more, read About TikTok Pulse.

Campaign level

Learn more about how to Set Up a Campaign.

  1. In the Campaign section of your Ad Account, click Create to start a new campaign.

    Campaign level, Step 1
  2. Select the Reach & Frequency buying type.

  3. Select Reach in Advertising objective.

  4. For Campaign type, select TikTok Pulse.

    Campaign Level, Step 4

  5. In Settings, enter a campaign name.

    Campaign level, Step 5

  6. Click Continue.

Ad Group level

  1. Ad Group Name

    • Choose an Ad Group name that reflects the goals of this Ad Group.

  2. Audience Targeting

    • Select desired parameters for Audience, Demographics, Interest, and Device.

      • Refer to the TikTok Pulse Planning Packet (provided by your sales lead) for targeting recommendations.

    Ad Group Level, Step 2

  3. Contextual Targeting

    • In "Feed Type", confirm that Standard Feed is auto-selected

    • In "Content Topics", select TikTok Pulse content lineups as desired (do not select anything under "General content")

    • "All Pulse" is the default state, which means that all of the Pulse content lineups are auto-selected by default. It is recommended that you target all Pulse lineups and allow the system to find the lineups that best match your audience and the given creative.

    • If you would like to target specific lineups, it is recommended that you choose 4 to 5 lineups. Choose content lineups that attract or resonate with the "audience" you are targeting. Targeting fewer than 4 lineups may impact your campaign's forecast for available inventory and/or reach.

  4. In "Content Exclusions", confirm that the Limited Inventory filter is auto-selected.

  5. In "Schedule", select a date range when you want to deliver your ads.

    • Ad delivery will begin at 12:00 AM in the timezone of the country/region selected in the Location, and the end time will be at 11:59 PM every day

    • Ad delivery can be scheduled up to 225 days ahead of the current date

    • Ad delivery can be scheduled between 1 and 90 days

    • Ad Groups must be created at least 1 day before ad delivery starts

  6. In "Reservation", select a reservation purchase method. Choose either Budget, Impressions, Reach, or Reach Percentage.

  7. In "Optimization Goal", confirm that Reach is auto-selected.

  8. In "Frequency cap", select how often you want people to see your ads. Choose from the default frequency or custom frequency cap. Refer to the TikTok Pulse Planning Packet (provided by your sales lead) for recommendations.

  9. In "Ad sequencing & schedule", select your desired delivery mode if you are using multiple creatives.

  10. Once the Ad Group has been prepared, click Next. This will display the "Submit Order" and "Reserve Audience" screen.

  11. To reserve your ad without adding your creative, click Just Submit Order.

  12. If you are ready to add your creative, click Continue to Add then proceed to Ad level setup.

  13. If more Ad Groups are needed for additional Pulse lineups you'd like to target, navigate back to the Create page in Step 1, go to "Use existing" in the Campaign level section, select the existing campaign, then repeat Steps 1-12 to set the new Ad Group.

    Campaign level, Step 13

Ad level

  1. Enter an Ad name.

  2. Select your Identity options, including the Display Name, Text, and Profile Image.

  3. Traffic your Ad creative by uploading a video or choosing one from your library.

  4. Add any Interactive add-ons.

  5. Set your Destination page options, including adding a website URL and/or adding CTA buttons.

  6. Add any pixels or 3P impression/click tracking URLs.

    • Learn more about supported third-party tracking partners.

    • If you’re interested in other third-party measurement solutions like viewability or brand suitability, connect with your TikTok sales lead.

  7. Click the +Add button to traffic additional ads, if desired. Repeat Steps 3-6.

  8. When you are satisfied with your ads, click Submit to send the ads to review.