TikTok Ads Launchpad Program
Last updated, October 2023

How to set up an account with your dedicated TikTok representative

This video series introduces the onboarding process for TikTok accounts supported by dedicated sales representatives. If you have a TikTok representative working with you to set up a TikTok account and ad campaigns, this tutorial will guide you through the process and how to use the ad platforms.

Note: If your account is not managed by a TikTok representative, and you need help with your account setup or use, refer to How to Contact TikTok Business Support to learn more.

Introduction to TikTok for Business platforms

Learn more about the two primary platforms of TikTok for Business: TikTok Ads Manager and Business Center.

Onboarding journey overview for managed accounts

Get an overview of the key steps needed to set up your account.

Complete account registration with your TikTok representative

In this video, you'll learn about registering your company details and completing the account registration and contract signing process.

Set up your billing

Get an introduction to the three billing options you can choose from: auto pay, monthly invoicing, and manual pay.

Create your Business Center account

Set up your Business Center account using the registration link from your TikTok representative.

Create your ad account

Learn how to set up a new ad account in Business Center so that you can get started launching campaigns.