TikTok Storefront FAQs

How many products can I sync when launching TikTok Storefront?

To launch a TikTok Storefront you need only 1 product, but we recommend a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 2000 products.

Where do sales occur once users start their purchase on TikTok?

Users can view the product details within the TikTok app. However, the user will be directed to the merchant’s website to make the purchase & complete the transaction.

How will users discover TikTok Storefront for my products?

There are two ways: when the user clicks on the "Product Link" in your video and lands on the product detail page or when the user visits your TikTok profile. The "Product Link" will only be visible to users in the US, while your video will be visible globally.

Can I promote videos containing product links through ads?

Yes, paid support is possible for videos with product links for select regions. Merchants in the UK can put paid support behind their organic videos featuring product links with "Spark Ads" (not available in all markets). Merchants in the US + UK can put paid support behind their organic videos featuring product links using the Promote feature.

What if I have multiple Business Center Accounts?

We will display a list of Business Centers where you have admin access. You may connect to an existing Business Center Account by clicking Connect. If you do not have a current TikTok Business Center or prefer to use a new one, you may click Create/Create New to create a new account.

How does TikTok review my information?

There are two reviews that will be conducted – product review & content review. This is to ensure that we meet compliance, ensure relevance of product in the video, and drive good user experience.

How many organic videos should I post and with what frequency?

You can post as many videos as you want, but we recommend that you post at least 2 videos per product synced on TikTok Storefront and ensure that you post videos at least once every two days.

Can I sync products which have multiple SKUs?

Yes. We are able to support multi-variant items that might have multiple sizes or colors. For example, you may have a sweatshirt that comes in red or blue and is available in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Can I drive ads towards TikTok Storefront?

Soon! We are in the process of developing this capability through VideoShopping Ads, which is built to help advertisers leverage short form video creatives and product cards to sell through your storefront.

Do I need to spend on TikTok to participate in TikTok Storefront Product Links?

No. The program is organic and does not require Sellers to be actively investing in ads. It is recommended to create organic videos to build your organic following, as this will allow for better engagement through TikTok Storefront.

Can I create collections with the products on my Product Showcase tab?

This feature is not available yet, and the product order on your showcase tab will coincide with the upload order.

Can I track purchases from the test?

Yes. You can track organic purchases from TikTok with the Pixel installed and via the Store Manager backend, both at an aggregate and product level.

Can I connect my Creator account to TikTok Storefront?

For the time being, when you connect a Creator account to activate TikTok Storefront, it will automatically be upgraded to a Business account, with many Branding features to optimize a seller presence on TikTok.