About Automatic Targeting

Note: Over the next few weeks, we will be making changes to Targeting within Ads Manager. To learn more about the changes refer to Changes Coming to Targeting.

Automatic Targeting is a function helping advertisers to have a more hands-off ad creation and campaign optimization process. It will optimize the audience for the campaign delivery toward the advertiser's objective. When utilizing Automatic Targeting, ads will not be delivered to audiences under 18.

How Automatic Targeting Works

After advertisers apply Automatic Targeting, the function will optimize advertisers' targeting settings according to their advertising objective, ad delivery, the content of their ads, past campaign data, and more.

How to Leverage Automatic Targeting

To enable Automatic Targeting, you will need to select one of the supported objectives: 

  • Select your objective. Traffic, App, Lead Gen, Community Interaction, Conversion Web are objectives that support Automatic Targeting. 

  • Select Automatic Targeting then specify the targeting countries or regions and targeting languages

Note: Automatic Targeting supports Traffic, App, Lead Gen, Community Interaction and Web Conversion objectives. If you select Conversion and you do not see Automatic Targeting, make sure that you have clicked on "Web" in the Promotion Type Section in order to see Automatic Targeting as an option. By default, the Conversion objective allows for both app and web traffic, however, Automatic Targeting only supports web traffic. 


Which advertisers will benefit from this product?

Performance advertisers who optimize audience selections in order to optimize the conversion/CTR and CPA/CPC.

Which advertisers will not benefit from this product?

Advertisers require massive reach in the short term, such as advertising for top App download rank and brand awareness, and only need to select a significantly broad age and gender (for example, 18+, Female, etc.).

What's the difference between Automatic Targeting and Targeting Recommendation?

Automatic Targeting

Targeting Recommendation


Dynamically optimize audience targeting criteria during the campaign delivery

Analyze historical data to recommend Interest and Behavior categories that are more likely to convert



The categories will not be automatically added to an account. Advertisers need to manually add them to their ad groups.