About Comment Insights
Last updated, January 2024

Comment Insights is a tool that helps advertisers view, organize, and analyze comments from their ads. As a supplement to the already-existing Comment Management Tool, Comment Insights offers powerful analysis tools for advertisers to understand their audience and craft their best marketing strategy as a result.

Comment Insights includes 6 modules: the comment trends graph, sentiment ratio chart, comment comparison chart, word cloud, comment audience, and all comments table. Each of these can be used to understand what users are saying on your ads and about your brand overall.

Some common uses for Comment Insights include:

  1. Understand brand sentiment & play to your strengths.

  2. Analyze commenter demographics to refine targeting settings.

  3. Identify frequently used language to create relatable content.

  4. Effectively identify and manage negative comments on ads.

  5. Amplify high-engagement ads and use insights to guide future creative strategy.

We'll break down each module of Comment Insights below, so you can take a look at key features and capabilities we offer.

Data Overview Bar

The overview bar helps you gather a quick big-picture overview of the comments on all your videos. Quick stats include total number of comments on all videos, total number of negative comments, total number of positive comments, and sentiment score.

Total comments are comments from all the selected ads in the current account and those generated by ad traffic and organic traffic of video ads.

Negative comments** is the total number of negative comments based on our internal sentiment analysis model.

Positive comments** is the total number of positive comments based on our internal sentiment analysis model.

Sentiment score is calculated based on the positive or negative sentiment probability of a comment. Sentiment scores range from -100 to 100. Calculation formula: The average of all positive comments probability minus all negative comments probability, multiplied by 100.

**Positive and negative sentiments are determined based on our internal sentiment analysis model that assigns a positive or negative numerical value to a word based on its sentiment. If you think the assigned sentiment is incorrect, you can manually change sentiment to the correct one.

To change sentiment manually, select the Edit icon next to a given comment sentiment and choose the correct sentiment.

Comment Page Modules

The comment page includes a number of individual modules, each broken down below.

Comment Trends Graph

The comment trends graph is where you can select two types metrics to analyze, and then see the trend of your comments over time, broken out by days.

Available Metrics

  • Total comments

  • Positive comments

  • Negative comments

  • Neutral comments

  • Query comments (comments that contain a question)

Sentiment Ratio Chart

In the Sentiment Ratio module, you can see a digestible breakdown of their comment distribution, broken out into positive, negative, and neutral comments.

Industry Comparison

In the Industry Comparison module, you can compare your comment data (sentiment ratio, sentiment score, or query/question ratio) with an industry benchmark value, or with the average of your own campaigns. Select the benchmark percentile you want to compare to, and see how the comments on your ads stack up to advertisers within the same advertising industry.

Industry benchmarks are average values calculated on global TikTok data and advertisers' registered industries in their ad accounts.

Word Cloud

In the Word Cloud module, you can see the most frequently used words in your comments. The top 40% mentioned words are displayed in blue, the top 40-80% mentioned words are displayed in green, and the remaining 20% of words are displayed in red. Words in the word cloud visualization will also appear larger if they have more mentions.

Comment Audience

The Comment Audience module shows a breakdown of comments received by certain audience demographics, such as gender and age, location, and device.

All Comments Table

In the All Comments module, you can see a summary table of all comments you've received on your videos for the designated time period. This module behaves similarly to the Reporting tab or Campaign tab where you can either analyze the default data columns given, or you can select custom columns for the metrics you want to see.