Account Suspension FAQs

What can I do if my account is suspended?

You must file an appeal to reactive your suspended account. To file an appeal, you will need to submit a customer support ticket by doing the following:

  1. ​Click on the question mark icon in the top right corner of Ads Manager to access a drop down menu.

  2. ​Click Advertiser Support.

  3. ​Select Account Review.

  4. ​Select Account Suspension Appeal.

Why was my account suspended before I published any ads?

Your account may have been rejected for the following reasons:

  1. ​Website URL is not approved.

  2. ​Additional documents are required.

  3. ​Business information/Tax information is invalid.

Please make sure to edit these fields to trigger a new account review.

How can I check the status of my customer support ticket after my account was suspended or closed?

Once we have reviewed your ticket, you will receive our response in your email inbox.

Why do I need to provide a business license to create my ad account?

In some cases, to create an ad account or Business Center, you may need to submit some qualifying documents, like a business license. Additionally, to deliver ads in some countries in certain industries, you will also need to submit specific industry documents. You can submit a business license through your Account Settings page.

See "TikTok Ads - First Things to Note" for more information.