Measurement Considerations for iOS 14
Last updated, May 2023

Please see below impact and recommended mitigation strategies for TikTok measurement products.

Mobile Measurement Partners

Mobile Measurement Partners will support SKAN data and TikTok will use these conversion events for reporting and optimization.


  • Please reach out to your MMP to ensure you are familiar with their SKAN solution and reporting functionalities. This will slightly differ by MMP so it's best to get an overview directly from your MMP 

  • Make sure your MMP SDK version supports SKAN 

  • Configure SKAN Conversion Events in your MMP dashboard 

  • Send all events (including unattributed) so TikTok has more signals to mitigate performance fluctuations 

  • Complete TikTok App ID solution to unlock more products and control your data. Instructions here.

Additional considerations

  • If you are using Kochava as your MMP, you will need to update your URLs to support iOS 14 dedicated accounts. Please reach out to Kochava for more information. 


In the short-term, there will be no impact to the pixel. However, we are evaluating multiple long-term solutions for web attribution. 

For advertisers who are leveraging Advanced Matching (in beta) via the pixel, we will only match privacy-safe hashed customer emails and phone numbers for iOS 14 users who consent to ATT and Android users. 


  • We don't require any immediate action to the pixel. However, we strongly advise advertisers to consider the priority of pixel events and campaigns for each domain in anticipation of future limitations. 

Non-TikTok Placements (Pangle and Resso) 

Web ads (ads leading to a web-based landing page) of oCPX(oCPC, oCPM) bidding methods will temporarily not be supported for Resso for iOS14 users whose OS version is equal to iOS14.0 and above. Pangle continues to support oCPC bidding methods. Web ads of CPX bidding methods (CPM, CPC, CPV) will not be impacted.  

As we continue to evaluate potential solutions, there will be a more defined guidance in the coming months.


  • There are no recommended actions at this time. 

Audience Breakdown

Audience breakdown conversion metrics (CPR, CVR) will not be supported for iOS14 users who do not consent to ATT in Campaigns or Ad Groups that include iOS14 traffic. Audience breakdown will continue to support non-conversion metrics, like impression or ad spending data. For conversion related metrics, targeting dimension will not be supported at all. This is due to limitation to map conversions back to users.


  • To better understand the demographics of audiences you reach, we recommend referring to click and revenue breakdown as an alternative. 

Web Reporting

Web-based conversion events will be reported in aggregate for iOS14 users who do not consent to ATT. TikTok will continue to report user-level conversion events for Android users and iOS14 users who consent to ATT. For advertising campaigns that include both  iOS and Android users, TikTok will combine both user-level and aggregate conversion events in Ads Manager reporting. 


  • There are no recommended actions at this time.

TikTok App ID

TikTok App ID is a unique code that's generated in TikTok Events Manager. This is how TikTok advertisers confirm ownership of their apps which unlocks advertising features. Moreover, this ensures advertiser control over their data. 

Below are different scenarios where TikTok App ID is needed to run iOS 14 campaigns:

  • For managed accounts, you will not be required to use TikTok App ID to run dedicated iOS 14 campaigns. 

  • For self-serve accounts, important considerations below: 

    • You will not be required to use TikTok App ID to run dedicated iOS 14 campaigns. If we have not received an attributed event (eg if you are a new advertiser or your account has been dormant), you will need to complete TikTok App ID to run dedicated iOS 14 campaigns 

    • If a new advertiser ID completes TikTok App ID, all other advertiser accounts associated with that app will need to also need to complete the TikTok App ID process before running iOS 14 campaigns 

    • If you are running dedicated iOS 14 campaigns, we can verify TikTok App ID via attributed events; if you are not running dedicated iOS 14 campaigns, it's required to send unattributed events to TikTok to verify. Once your app is verified, you can stop sending unattributed events (although it's recommended to leave on since it will help mitigate performance fluctuations) 

Finally, if your account is required to complete TikTok App ID to run dedicated iOS 14 campaigns, you will see an in-product banner guiding you through the process.


  • Even though TikTok App ID is only required for some self-serve advertisers to run dedicated iOS 14 campaigns, it's recommended.

  • All accounts complete the TikTok App ID process. This will unlock additional products, such as utilization of unattributed events, and ensure advertiser control of data.

Events Manager

Events manager will be updated to include reporting functionalities for SKAdNetwork. A filter of the data source may be found on the right side, above the event data. In the screenshot below, you can change measurement partner to SKAdNetwork data.

Measurement Considerations for iOS14-image

View-Through Attribution

TikTok supports SKAdNetwork-based View-Through conversions for users who are on iOS 14.5+. SKAN VTA is enabled automatically for advertisers running iOS 14 dedicated campaigns (ie no actions need to be taken in TikTok Ads Manager) 

Attribution information

  • SKAN will only attribute conversions to impressions that are more than three seconds. In other words, if a video view happened for less than 3 seconds, even if a conversion happens on the user's device, SKAN will not count the attribution. Thus advertisers should try to make their ads compelling to where users will watch them for more than 3 seconds.

  • Advertisers should expect a much lower number of SKAN VTA conversions than MMP VTA conversions pre-ATT, because most MMP VTA conversions are from video views shorter than 3 seconds.

  • SKAN VTA attribution window is set to 24 hours by Apple and is not configurable by advertisers.

  • SKAN VTA attribution will be overwritten if a CTA conversion happened on the same ad within the attribution window.

  • MMP VTA attribution logic will remain the same for consented users.

Reporting information

  • Advertisers are able to breakdown the SKAN metric in Ads Manager and find the CTA / VTA breakdown for SKAN reported conversions. 

  • SKAN VTA reporting has the same delay, aggregation, and conversion value threshold logic as existing SKAN reporting.


  • Even though SKAN VTA is enabled by default, it's recommended to take these conversions into your measurement methodology. This is especially important for TikTok as a video platform since users often watch an ad and later convert without actually clicking

  • It's also important to enable sending VTA data for non iOS 14.5+ users in your MMP to ensure you're properly measuring and unlocking downstream performance gains 

Privacy Threshold

SKAdNetwork API's install attribution postback only includes a conversion value if Apple determines that providing the value meets its privacy threshold.

  • For campaigns optimizing for Installs: this impacts reporting on in-app events as apps will not be able to track in-app events for all the users acquired from the campaign. There is no impact to performance of install optimization and measurement of SKAN installs.

  • For campaigns optimizing for in-app events: this impacts both optimization and reporting for in-app events as our system gets limited data for the purpose of optimizing performance of an AEO campaign. The impact is higher for apps which are further away from the preferred target of 90 installs per day.

    • To understand if your campaign is not meeting the privacy threshold, you can use the new null conversion metric, "App Install (SKAN Privacy Withhelds)".

    • This shows if your campaign is seeing limited event postback due to campaign performance, or if it is tied to the privacy threshold and Apple is restricting postback of in-app events.


We recommend a daily target of 90+ installs per iOS 14 campaign. If you are seeing much fewer installs for your iOS 14 campaigns, we recommend reviewing your campaign specs and using some of best practices listed in our Help Center to improve performance of your campaigns.