TikTok Branded Hashtag Challenge Best Practices
Last updated, May 2024

On TikTok, the Branded Hashtag Challenge has transformed the way that brands interact with their audiences. With HTC, your brand can spark trends and cultural movements by issuing participatory challenges to the TikTok Community.

To help you create a Branded Hashtag Challenge that stands out on TikTok, we created a series of tips covering everything from getting started to becoming a pro. Watch the videos below to learn how you can effectively launch a Branded Hashtag Challenge and harness the power of the industry's most interactive advertising package.

Tips to launch a successful Hashtag Challenge

Get an overview of Branded Hashtag Challenge and learn eight tips on how to create a campaign.

On finding the right creators

Discover ways to find the right creator for your campaign.

On partnering with creators

Hear from a top creator to understand how to be an ideal collaborator.

On developing a sound for a Hashtag Challenge

Get insight from TikTok's Director of Commercial Music and gain three tangible tips to leverage music in an impactful way.

On amplifying Hashtag Challenge performance

Find out how to bundle Branded Hashtag Challenges with other products to supercharge campaign results.