About Ad Account Limits
Last updated, April 2024

To improve ad performance and make it easier to manage your ads, TikTok limits the number of active campaigns, ad groups, and ads a single ad account can have. TikTok Ad Account limits include:

  • Campaigns per ad account: 999

  • Ad groups per campaign: 999

  • Ads per ad group: 50

Running too many ad groups at the same time can negatively impact ad performance over time, due to non-diverse ad groups competing with each other. Limiting active ad groups will give the remaining ad groups a higher chance of passing the learning phase, reaching stable performance, and improving their average lifespan. We recommend implementing best practices for Ad Accounts to focus on existing ad groups and diversify them.

We have established three ad group volume tiers. Each ad account is assigned a base quota determined by their highest monthly spend in the past 12 months.


Advertiser Monthly* Spending

Base Quota


$0 <= monthly spending < $1,500

50 active ad groups


$1,500 <= monthly spending < $150,000

200 active ad groups


monthly spending >= $150,000

1,000 active ad groups

Note: Active ad groups are ad groups that are either active or in review.

If you want to create more ad groups, raise your monthly spend. If you want to make room for a new ad group, you can deactivate low-spending ad groups or those without spend. When you reach 50% of your max ad groups, you'll see a tracker in Ads Manager that shows you how much space you have left on your ad account.

About Ad Account Limits

You'll see a notification if you've reached your limit and attempt to create more ad groups. If you see the message You can't run more ads, you can click Check your ad groups to manage your ad volume.