How to Create Collection Ads
Last updated, May 2024

This article explains the steps to create Collection Ads.

Note: From April 3rd, 2023, we will no longer allow the creation, duplication, and editing of Dynamic Showcase Ads.

Note: Core functionalities and benefits of Collection Ads have been incorporated into Video Shopping Ads under the Product Sales objective. Additionally, new optimization features and formats are introduced to help you succeed in your marketing campaigns. For more information, refer to Video Shopping Ads.


Collection Ads are a type of in-feed video ad on TikTok that leads your customers to an instant storefront, where they can browse for your products, without ever leaving the app.

Compared to regular ads that require your customers to leave TikTok and visit a website, Collection Ads allow retailers to show off their inspirational branded video with a few key product tiles at the bottom that lead to an Instant Gallery Page. This makes it an engaging browsing and shopping experience.

There are two main steps to create Collection Ads, including:

  1. ​Setting up your Catalog: When you create a Catalog on TikTok Ads Manager, you will be able to automatically import information about your products to your gallery.

    • Note: This is not required but highly recommended. You can also Manually Upload Products in the collection editor.

  2. ​Creating Collection Ads: This is the process of publishing the campaign and building your Instant Gallery Page.

Set up your catalog

A catalog is a feature on TikTok Ads Manager that allows you to manage key information about your products, including descriptions, images, product videos, links, sizes, availability, and more.

You can use the information in your catalog to generate a variety of dynamic ads that deliver personalized product recommendations to your target audience. When creating Collection Ads, you can import the products in your catalog directly to your storefront.

For a complete walkthrough of how to create a catalog on TikTok Ads Manager, please refer to the following Help Center articles:

After you have created your catalog and uploaded your products to it, you are ready to create collections ads.

Create collection ads

The process of publishing collections ads can be broken down into two steps:

  1. ​Setting up the campaign: This involves setting up a campaign and ad group with the required parameters so that you can create Collections Ads.

  2. ​Building a storefront page: You'll need to create an Instant Gallery Page that features products you want to promote in your Collection Ads.

Step 1. Set up the campaign

Before we go through each step, let's review specific requirements that must be implemented during the campaign creation process in order to create Collection Ads.

Required campaign selections overview

Ad Creation Level


Required Selections


Advertising Objective

Traffic or Conversions

Ad Group

Targeting > Demographics > Location

Set the location to the same as your catalog's Targeting Location.


Ad Setup

Use Recommended Combination


  1. ​Login to TikTok Ads Manager and create a new campaign.

  2. ​At the Campaign level, select Traffic or Conversions as the Advertising Objective.

  3. ​At the Ad Group level, make the following selections:

    • ​Select Website as the Promotion Type, then choose a pixel and select an Optimization Event.

    • ​Under Targeting and Demographics choose the same Location as your catalog's Targeting Location.

  4. ​Then, finish the remainder of your ad group's options as needed.

  5. ​Next, start to create your ads.

  6. ​Under Ad Setup, select Use Recommended Combination as the Ad Format and select Collection Ads as the Attachment Experience.

  7. ​Enter your Ad Details for your video (which will lead people to your instant storefront), display name text and profile image.

  8. ​Click Create Instant Experience to open the storefront page builder and configure your storefront page.

Step 2. Build an Instant Gallery Page

An Instant Gallery Page is an instant experience that allows people to view a list of your products directly on TikTok. The first step of building your gallery is adding your products to it - there are two ways to do this:

  • ​Select From Catalog: This will allow you to create a storefront from the products in your catalogs. We highly recommend importing your products from a catalog, this will enable you to dynamically display the order of your products based on how they rank for each visitor.

  • ​Manually Add Products: Where you can enter the information about the products you want to promote directly on the Instant Gallery Page.

Import products from a catalog to an Instant Gallery

Note: You will need to have at least 4 deliverables (in stock, approved, and activated) products to import your catalog to a storefront.

From the Instant Gallery Editor:

  1. Under Product Information, choose Select From Catalog as the Product Import Method.

  2. Select the Product Catalog you want to include in your gallery page, you may also wish to select a Product Set to better control which items you want to promote, if your Catalog does not contain any Product Sets, choose All Products.

    • ​Note: Your catalog's Targeting Location must share the same Targeting Location as the Ad Group.

  3. ​Next, choose your Product Order, this will determine the order that your products are displayed on the Instant Gallery Page, choose from:

    • ​Dynamic Order: To show products based on how relevant they are to the person viewing them.

    • ​Specific Order: To display products based on the order that you set.

      • ​Select the order of the products based on the name of the product or by searching the SKU ID of each product, the order will be determined by the sequence they are selected.

      • You will need to add 4 or more products to your Instant Gallery Page in order to disable the auto-populate function, which will add products to your gallery page from your catalog based on how relevant they are to each user - if you disable this function, your gallery page will display exactly as it is in the preview.

  4. ​Enter the Button URL for your storefront's Call-to-Action Button. Ideally, this will lead to a page where shoppers can find the products featured on your gallery page.

  5. ​Click Complete to finish the configuration of your Instant Gallery Page.

Manually add products to an Instant Gallery Page

Note: You will need to add 4 deliverable products to your Product List to create a storefront.

From the Instant Gallery Page Editor:

  1. ​Under Product Information, choose Manually Add Products as the Product Import Method.

  2. ​Choose a Default Currency to display the price of your products.

  3. ​Select a Targeting Location for your products, this should match the targeting location for the ad group, otherwise, the ads may not reach their intended audience.

    • ​Note: If you change the location after you've already added products, you will lose the existing product information.

  4. ​Click +Add Product under the Product List, and include the following information for each product.

    • ​Product Image: Upload an image featuring the product.

      • ​Size: >=600*600 pixels (Square aspect ratio).

      • Format: JPG, PNG, JPEG.

      • Recommend File Size: <5MB.

    • ​Product Name: The name of the product.

    • ​Product Price: The price of the product in the Default Currency.

    • ​Product URL: The URL of the website where one could buy the item.

  5. ​After you have added your products, arrange them in the order you want them displayed.

  6. ​Enter the Button URL for your storefront's Call-to-Action Button. Ideally, this will lead to a page where shoppers can find the products featured on your Instant Gallery Page.

  7. ​Click Complete to finish the configuration of your Instant Gallery Page.

Safe Zone

Please use the display card safe zone to prepare the in-feed ads creatives.

How to Create Collection Ads-Safe Zone Standard-JPG
How to Create Collection Ads-Safe Zone Arabic-JPG

Publishing Collection Ads and ad review

Once you have created your Instant Gallery Page, you will need to publish your ads. You'll do this by clicking Submit on the Ad module, this will trigger the ad review for your Collection Ads.

Unlike regular ads, each product that is featured in your storefront, or in your catalog, will go through the ads review process. You can check the product review result in your catalog or in the Instant Gallery Page Editor. Products that do not pass the ad review will not be displayed in your Collection Ads or on your Instant Gallery Page.

If you wish to update a product to make it in line with ad creative or industry policies, you will need to edit that product in your catalog or from your Instant Gallery Page (if you manually added the products).

For more information about our ad review policies, see TikTok Advertising Policies - Ad Creative and TikTok Advertising Policies - Industry Entry.