How to Create Dynamic Showcase Ads

This article explains the steps to create Dynamic Showcase Ads (DSA).

Note: From April 3rd, 2023, we will no longer allow the creation, duplication, and editing of Dynamic Showcase Ads.

Note: Core functionalities and benefits of Dynamic Showcase Ads have been incorporated into Video Shopping Ads under the Product Sales objective. Additionally, new optimization features and formats are introduced to help you succeed in your marketing campaigns. For more information on Video Shopping Ads, refer to How to Create Video Shopping Ads (for Catalog).

There are 5 main steps required to create Dynamic Showcase Ads:

  1. Create a catalog on TikTok Ads Manager.

  2. Upload products to your catalog.

  3. Generate videos for the products in your catalog.

  4. Integrate events between your catalog and measurement partner or TikTok Pixel.

  5. Publish a campaign using the products in your catalog.

To get started, watch this video showing each of the steps.

Step 1. Create a Catalog

The first step in creating Dynamic Showcase Ads is creating a catalog on TikTok Ads Manager.

  1. Login to TikTok Ads Manager.

  2. Go to Assets, then Catalog.

  3. Click Create.

  4. Enter a Catalog Name.

  5. Choose a Default Currency for the products in your catalog.

  6. Select a Targeting Location where you will show your ads.

How to Create Dynamic Showcase Ads-create a catalog-GIF

You can also create a catalog and sync your product directly from one of the following partner platforms:

Step 2. Upload Products

After you create a catalog, you'll need to upload your products to it.

  1. Select your Catalog.

  2. On the left side of the screen, under Manage click Products.

  3. Then click the Upload Product button.

  4. Choose how you will upload your products into your catalog, choose from:

    • Manually Add: Fill out a form for each product.

    • Data Feed Schedule: Automatically import your products from an online file.

    • Upload File: Upload products from a template.

  5. When you are uploading your products you will need to enter a Data Feed Name, this will help you manage the products you've uploaded to your catalog.

How to Create Dynamic Showcase Ads-upload products-JPG

Step 3. Generate Video

After you've uploaded your Products to your Catalog, you will need to generate the videos for the products in your catalog.

  1. Go to your catalog.

  2. Under Configure click Videos.

  3. Choose what type of video styles you would like to create for the products in your catalog:

    • Dynamic Video Generator (DVG): A tool that automatically turns your products into optimized video ads using templates designed to look and feel hyper-native to TikTok. This means visualizing relevant details from your product catalog, such as images, text, and prices. These visuals are paired with effects, music, and stickers that are contextually relevant and designed to keep users engaged.

    • Custom Template Video:

      • Customized for brands: A solution that enables you to develop a totally custom creative unit that reflects your brand's visual identity. You can use signature colors, logos, visuals, and even custom audio. We have seen successful advertisers feature strong commercial messages to entice potential customers such as "Free Shipping" or "Free Gift with purchase".

      • Ready to use TikTok Templates: We have created over 30 TikTok Templates, that look and feel native to the platform but can be customized by advertisers to showcase their own products and messaging, this allows you to generate DSA creative assets with a few clicks!

For more information on how to generate dynamic videos for your catalog, see the video below.


  • ​You do not need to generate videos for products if your Catalog contains links to Product Videos.

  • ​Each Catalog can only have a maximum of twenty video packages at a time. If you wish to create another video package delete one and create another

Step 4. Connect Event Sources

Connecting your app measurement partner or your TikTok Pixel to your Catalog will allow you to dynamically show ads to people based on how they interacted with your app or website.

  1. On the left side of the TikTok Ads Manager menu, go to Configure and click Event Sources.

  2. Choose where you want to connect your Catalog from the following options:

    1. App Event Sources: Track your in-app events with our measurement partners and connect them with your catalog.

    2. Pixel Event Sources: Connect your catalog with the events that happen on your website.

How to Create Dynamic Showcase Ads-event source-JPG

For more information on how to connect your event sources to your catalog, please watch the video below.

Step 5. Create a Catalog Sales Campaign

Once you have created your catalog, uploaded your products, created your videos, and connected the event sources, you're ready to create a campaign.

At the Campaign level

  1. To get started go to the Campaign tab and click Create.

  2. Under the Advertising Objective select Catalog Sales.

How to Create Dynamic Showcase Ads-catalog sales-JPG

At the Ad Group level

  1. Under Products, select your Catalog and choose a Product Set.

    • All Products will be the default selection.

  2. Select if your products are for sale on an App or Website.

    • If you selected App, choose your app from the drop-down menu.

    • If you selected Website, choose your pixel and select an optimization event.

  3. Under Targeting choose your Audience.

    • Select Retarget Audience to show specific product ads to people who expressed interest in them on your website or app.

      • If using a Retarget Audience you will need to select the events you want to include or exclude from your audience and the time frame those events occurred.

      • You also have the ability to include or exclude a custom audience from your Retarget Audience.

    • Select Find Prospective Customers to show your product ads to new potential customers.

      • If using a Find Prospective Customers audience, you will have the ability select Custom Audiences that you can include or exclude from your audience.

      • If you are selling your products on an app we recommend that you create a Custom Audience from people who have installed your app and exclude them for your Find Prospective Customers Audience.

  4. Complete the remainder of your ad group's selections.

At the Ad level

  1. Determine what creative you want to show in your Catalog Sales campaign.

    • If you want to use the videos you created using the Video Generator or the Dynamic Video Generator, click Specify a video design for ad delivery and then select your video package.

    • If you want to use the videos that you included in your catalog under the Product Video URL parameter - leave it blank.

    • If your catalog does not contain any Product Video URLs the system will show the video designs you created in your catalog.

  2. If you are promoting products on a website, choose your Website type:

    • Select Product Link to drive traffic to a specific product page on your site that you identified in your catalog.

    • Select Custom Link to enter a URL that will be applied to the ad group.

  3. If you are selling products on an App, select a Deeplink type:

    • Choose Product Deeplink to use the Deeplink you've provided for each product in the catalog.

    • Choose Custom Link to enter a Deeplink that will be applied to the entire ad group.

    • Then select a Fallback Type, this will determine where your link will lead if someone does not have your app installed.

  4. Then publish your campaign.

For more information on how to create Dynamic Showcase Ads, watch the video below.