Focused View optimization updates to Video Views objective
Last updated, May 2024

Note: Engaged View has been renamed to Focused View.

Focused View is an upgrade of the Video Views objective on TikTok, which allows advertisers to optimize both video views and positive interactions.

Focused View optimization will deliver ads to users who are most likely to actively engage with an ad, either by viewing it for at least 6 seconds OR by interacting with the video within the first 6 seconds (whichever comes first). This allows you to optimize for two different kinds of engagement:

  • Views: Target users who are most likely to view your ad for at least six seconds.

  • Positive interactions: Target users who are more likely to actively engage with an ad.

Interactions that happen within the first second of the video are not counted towards a Focused View and will be excluded in billing.

Positive interactions to be considered: Like, Follow, Share, Click, Hashtag Clicks, Music clicks, Anchor Clicks, and Interactive Add-on Activity Clicks.

What changed?

New campaigns: All new ad groups with the 6-second Video Views objective (6s) will automatically be based on Focused View optimization.

Existing ad groups will continue using the previous 6s Video Views optimization until they conclude the campaign.

Features and Benefits

Focused View offers a way for advertisers to drive brand impact by leveraging TikTok's engagement-building capabilities and ensuring their ads are shown to users who are truly paying attention.

  1. Voluntary attention: TikTok users watch ads voluntarily for a longer time and are actively engaging with them.

  2. Immersive engagement: Focused Views place video ads between user-generated content in the For You Page, creating the full-screen, auto-play, sound-on, immersive environment with maximum engagement.


  • Date: Made generally available on November 1, 2022.

Ad Platform & Supported Formats

  • Platform: TikTok Ads Manager

  • ​Buying Type: Auction only

  • Bidding Method: CPV

  • Placement Type: TikTok only— within the #ForYou feed

  • ​Ad Format: Both Spark ads and Non-Spark ads are supported