Performance and Reporting Considerations for iOS 14 Dedicated Campaigns
Last updated, May 2024

App Readiness

  • Update your MMP (Mobile Measurement Partner) SDK to the version that supports SKAdNetwork API.

  • Complete the conversion value configuration in the MMP interface. 

  • Send TikTok all data - including unattributed data - from your MMP

Campaign Consolidation Strategies

  • We currently support up to 11 iOS 14 dedicated campaigns, and 2 ad groups per campaign for each iOS app. 2 ad groups per campaign is now supported with the launch of the multi ad-group feature. Support for more campaigns and ad groups per campaign is expected in future product releases.

    • For dedicated campaigns using more than 1 ad group, modeled SKAN conversions are reported at the ad group level based on first party ad engagement signals using statistical methods.

  • If you have no requirements to strictly measure performance by individual countries/by gender, group countries with similar costs (CPM/CPI) into one campaign. 

  • iOS 14 dedicated campaigns can be run separately for TikTok and Pangle, or they can be combined into a single campaign using auto-placement. We recommend auto-placement as this is a more efficient use of the 11 campaign limit. Playable ads on Pangle are also supported via auto-placement so this further reduces the need for separate campaigns. 

Bidding & Optimization Strategy 

  • We recommend adopting Lowest Cost to generate as many results as possible at the lowest cost per result given the expected performance fluctuation. When using the multi-ad group feature, we recommend using Lowest Cost for both ad groups.

  • Due to delayed conversion signals from for our delivery system, optimizing towards your target CPI using Cost Cap bidding is likely to experience severe overbidding and traffic fluctuations. 

  • Make sure your campaign has enough budget to account for CPI fluctuation. 

C​reative Strategy

  • We recommend using Automated Creative Optimization (ACO) in order to manage your ads more efficiently and effectively since ACO will automatically find high-performing combinations of your creative assets. ACO will enable you to generate 150 ads based on 30 videos, 5 ad texts, and dynamic CTAs to generate 30 x 5 x Dynamic CTA = 150 ads.

  • Leverage ad level SKAN reporting to understand creative-level performance, and optimize performance based on these results.

  • You should always upload a variety of creative assets. For ACO, you'll need at least 3 assets for it to be effective. 

Reporting Considerations 

  • Due to limitations of SKAdNetwork API, there is a random delay, up to 72 hours in reporting Conversions (SKAN) to Ad networks. Therefore, these conversions will be reported at the time they are received by TikTok, and not at the time they occur. 

  • SKAN now supports view-through attribution, or SKAN VTA. It's important to note that SKAN VTA only counts impressions of more than 3 seconds, which means that SKAN based VTA conversions might appear lower than the VTA conversions you're used to seeing. Lastly, the SKAN VTA attribution window is set by default to 24 hours, and is not configurable.

  • There are 3 SKAN metrics in Ads Reporting - Conversion (SKAN), CPA (SKAN) and CVR (SKAN) for your performance evaluation of iOS 14 dedicated campaigns.  

  • These 3 metrics are available at Account level, Campaign level, Ad group level, and Ad level. 

  • SKAN conversions reported at the ad group level or below may be modeled based on first party ad engagement signals using statistical methods. Modeling is only applied at the ad group and ad level.

  • Country, Gender, OS, Age SKAN metric breakdowns are not available so consider using broader targeting strategies or use separate iOS 14 campaigns to test performance for specific audience groups. 

Performance Management

  • We recommend not making any campaign adjustments in the first 72 hours after launching iOS 14 campaign and after each subsequent adjustment to allow enough time for all conversions get attributed and posted back to TikTok. 

  • We also expect a longer learning phase for the iOS14 campaigns due to SKAN delays and IDFA loss. 

  •  When evaluating overall campaign performance, please wait for an additional 72 hours so that the campaign can fully receive all  SKAN conversion post-backs. 

  • Expect discrepancies in reporting between MMP and TikTok. MMPs are offering both SKAN-based (for all iOS 14 users) and IDFA-based reporting (for opted-in users) vs. our dedicated campaign reporting in TikTok Ads Manager will be based on SKAN data only.

  •  Due to reporting limitations of SKAdNetwork API, your previous performance experience from iOS traffic may no longer be applicable for dedicated campaigns. You are encouraged to test out different feature combinations and creatives to get familiar with the new delivery outcomes.