How to find supported payment methods
Last updated, May 2024

The payment methods available to you will vary depending on the billing country/region, the billing option you have selected, and the currency of your contract. You can find your billing country/region and currency information in TikTok Ads Manager.

Before you begin

This information only applies to self-serve advertisers. If you have a managed account, please contact your sales representative for more information on available payment methods.

How to find supported payment methods

Use the following steps to find supported payments available to you in the Tiktok Ads Manager.

  1. Select the profile icon, click Manage, and click Basic Information.

  2. Find your billing country or region and currency information.

  3. Click your profile icon, click Account Info, and select Basic Information.

You will find a complete list of available payment methods for self-serve advertisers. If you receive an error adding a payment method, learn more about troubleshooting failed payment issues.