About Updates to TikTok Ads Manager's Advertising Objectives
Last updated, February 2024

On TikTok Ads Manager, advertising objectives serve as the foundation of your ads and represent the goals you want your campaigns to achieve. Picking an advertising objective that aligns with your business goals is essential to the campaign creation process.

To improve the process of selecting the right advertising objective, we have updated the advertising objectives selection experience on TikTok Ads Manager. These updates will help:

  • Simplify the objective selection process: We have removed the "buying type" option to make it faster and more straightforward for you to choose your campaign objective.

  • Provide easier access to relevant objectives: Our updated design offers a consolidated, all-in-one view of all available objectives. It makes it simpler for you to locate and select the objectives that best align with your business goals.

This update has no impact on all the existing creation flow, all the functionality and features are the same as before.

Refer to How to Choose the Right Objective to learn more.