How to Choose the Right Objective
Last updated, October 2023

Your advertising objectives are goals that you want to set and meet so you can help grow your business and engage your audience.

In your TikTok Ads Manager account you can select from these three categories of objectives: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.


Use the Awareness objectives when you want to grow awareness about your product and reach people who are most likely to view your ad and remember it.



Business Goal: Show your ads with the maximum number of impressions in your targeted audience at the most efficient price.


An objective that gets people to think about your business and seek more information.



Business Goal: Drive people to any URL, such as your website's landing page, a blog post, an app, etc.

Video Views

Business Goal: Maximize the plays of your video ads from audiences most likely to engage with them.

Community Interaction

Business Goal: Get more people to engage with your TikTok account by driving followers or increasing traffic to your profile page.


Use the Conversion objectives when you want to encourage people to perform an action, such as buying your product or installing your app. 


Product Sales

Business Goal: Sell products from your TikTok Shop, website, and app

Website Conversions

Business Goal: Encourage people to take specific actions on your website, such as having them add items to a cart, download your app, register for your site, or make a purchase.

Lead Generation

Business Goal: Collect leads for your business with a fast-loading, customizable instant form in the TikTok app or your own website.

App Promotion

Business Goal: Encourage new people to use your app. Re-engage existing users to take action in your app.