What's the Website Conversions Objective
Last updated, May 2024

The Website conversions objective sends people to your website, or TikTok Instant Page, to perform a specific action like making a purchase or adding an item to their cart. 

When you create a campaign using the Website conversions objective on TikTok Ads, we will show your ads to people most likely to complete a specific conversion event on your website or TikTok Instant Page.

Benefits of Website conversions

The Website conversions advertising objective enables you to:

  • Drive traffic to your website or TikTok Instant Page.

  • Optimize ad delivery against conversion events on your website or against "on-site" events on your TikTok Instant Page.

  • Leverage our web measurements solutions like TikTok Pixel, Events Web API, and Advanced Matching to optimize ad delivery and track performance.

  • Optimize ad delivery against Clicks, Conversion, and Value.

When to use Website conversions

You should consider using the Website conversions event if you want people to go to your website or TikTok Instant Page and complete a specific action.


There are many scenarios where you can use Website conversions to achieve your business goals like: 

  • Driving sales on your e-commerce website

  • Getting people to click the call to action button on your TikTok Instant Page after they learn more about your business

How to use Website conversions

To start using the Website conversions objective, you'll need to:

  1. Set up one of our web measurement solutions on your website, like the TikTok Pixel.

  2. Create a campaign on TikTok Ads Manager using the Website conversions objective.

  3. Choose if you want to send people to your website or TikTok Instant Page.

  4. Define who you want to see your ad.

  5. Set up your budget and select an optimization goal.

  6. Create a TikTok Instant Page, if necessary.

Then create and publish your ads.