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Intelligent Optimization Tool for Video Aspect Ratio
On TikTok Ads Manager, different placements can have different aspect ratio requirements. This can be a big challenge when you have a video that you are ready to use in an ad, but can't. Before you throw out your video and go back to the drawing broad, learn more about how this tool may be able to save the day.

The "Intelligent Optimization Tool" helps you change an unqualified video's aspect ratio into one that works with TikTok ads. While your video will be optimized to meet the video aspect ratio requirement, the other elements of your video will not be changed. 

Optimizing Your Video Aspect Ratio with Proximity Rule

Based on the ads placement you select, your video will be optimized as follows:
  • "News Feed App Series" placements - your video will be optimized to 1:1 or 16:9
  • "TikTok" placements, your video will be optimized to 9:16, 1:1, or 16:9

Calculating your video's new aspect ratio:

The image below shows how the aspect ratio optimization is calculated. The numbers on the axis are equal with the aspect ratios above it.

To find out where your video falls, follow these steps:
  1. Take your video aspect ratio (for example 9:16, 1:1, 16:9) and see where it falls on the line by comparing it to the picture by dividing your aspect ratio. For example, for 16:9 ratio, 16/9=1.7778.
  1. Take that number, and refer to cutoff segments:
    • If the number is between 0.3437 -0.7813, your vide will be optimized to a 9:16 video
    • If the number is between 0.7813 -1.3889, your video will be optimized to a 1:1 video
    • If the number is between 1.3889-3.5556, your video will be optimized to a 16:9 video

Note: Visit Video Ads Spec to learn more about which specifications are best for your media.


Here are some before and after photos to show you how this tool can help change your aspect ratio:

Before (4:5) & After (1:1)image.png

Before (3:2) & After (16:9)image.png

Before (2:3) & After (9:16)image.png

In addition to making sure your video aspect ratio has been correctly formatted, you will want to ensure that your text and graphics are in the safe zone for the best user experience. Learn more about that by reading our creative tips.